French Lentil Soup with Spices and Chard

A close up of a white porcelain bowl filled with turmeric infused French lentil soup made with chard.

A simple recipe for French lentil soup made with turmeric and curry-esque spices, creamy, warm and comforting which only cost a few pennies per serving to make. Get the details now!

Light and Buttery Nut Flour Crepes with Roasted Fruit (Gluten-Free)

Light and Buttery Nut Flour Crepes with Roasted Fruit on a white porcelain plate.

Light and buttery nut flour crepes make for a tasty gluten-free alternative to the traditional wheat-based fare. Almond (or cashew) flour provides the body while arrowroot powder helps with the “fluff.” These are even better than a traditional crepe recipe. Get the details now!

A Home Coffee Grinder: The Perfect Gift for Dad

A cup of coffee next to beans in a tray

Looking for a great gift for Father’s Day? If your husband or the dad in your life is into a good cup of joe, look no further than an affordable burr type coffee grinder. This type can be used for any type of coffee brewing, from drip to French press to espresso. Learn about the different types now.

Thyme Seasoned Green Beans with Tomatoes

Thyme Seasoned Green Beans with Tomatoes

Need a simple side to serve with dinner? One that’s nutritious, and flavorful too? Make delicious green beans flavored with thyme, tomatoes, and some lemon. My kids (are starting to) love it and I’m sure yours will too! And they’re so easy to prepare. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Make Dehydrator Kale Chips in 3 Tasty Flavors

Horizontal image of a white platter with a mound of kale chips.

Want a quick, easy, and healthy homemade snack that’s perfect for fall produce and back to school snacks? Foodal has you covered with these simple and tasty kale chip recipes in a variety of flavors. You can even use Swiss chard, broccoli leaves, and other hardy greens to make this crispy, craveable treat.

Chicken Cacciatore

Horizontal close-up image of chicken cacciatore garnished with chopped fresh herbs.

Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!! That’s all my notes say on this recipe, lol. I honestly have never ordered chicken cacciatore at a restaurant before. When I see it on a restaurant menu, it looks so fancy that I’m then caught in the middle of two choices: ordering something that I already know and like, or living …

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