Choosing the Best Induction Range

Choosing the Best Induction Range |

Thinking it’s time to update your stove? Or maybe you’re in the middle of a remodel, or heck if you’re like me you’ve been spending more time in the kitchen and realize your 1970’s stove, while “vintage”, just isn’t going to cut it anymore! Today I want to share a few induction appliances, as they …

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Easy Crispy Roasted Turmeric Potatoes

Top down view of a white, porcelain plate full of a batch of crispy roasted turmeric potatoes.

Something about hospitals always leaves me craving green juice and salads and reading articles about foods with the most nutrients, so, after a chunk of days hanging in heart hospital rooms, maybe that’s why I’ve been all about the turmeric powder lately: turmeric tea, turmeric chicken, turmeric added to the smoothies we make as fast …

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How to Get a Good Sear in the Pan or On The Grill

How to Get a Good Sear in the Pan Or On The Grill |

Searing is something that probably does not get enough attention, considering how radically the process can change the flavor of the meat that you are eating. Searing is a rather simple step in cooking that really only adds just a few minutes on to your meal preparation, and can change your meals from “okay” to “Oh, …

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The Best Black Tea Varieties Examined

Selecting the Very Best Black Tea |

Recently, I wrote an article that gives brief descriptions of the various types of tea and their relative health benefits. My next goal is to delve deeply into each of the best varieties and go over some of the more popular types of each. Today, I’m taking a closer look into the world of black …

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Tea Brewing and Equipment Guide

Tea Brewing and Equipment Guide -

Interested in starting to add a few cups of tea to your daily liquid intake? The health benefits of doing so are myriad, and I discussed a few of them in a previous article that outlined health effects by types of tea. That being said, most health professionals recognize the amazing medicinal qualities of the …

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Get Grinding with the Peugeot Paris U’Select Salt and Pepper Mills

Peugeot Paris U’Select Salt and Peppermill Review|

Looking for that special pepper or salt grinder that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? If so, the Peugeot Paris U’Select may be the best choice for your kitchen and dining room table. Beginning with the cherished, traditional wooden pepper grinder of 1874 and moving on to sleek styles of today, Peugeot has never compromised …

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An Introduction to Tea

Types of Tea |

Have you decided that you might want to explore the world of tea? Unsure of what varieties exist? There hundreds if not thousands of types of the basic Camellia based infusion to include the basic black, green, white, oolong and pu-reh. Each of these can be further divided by name, taste, region, fragrance, etc. And then you have hundreds of herbal based extracts that are also known as tea. Read Foodal’s handy tea guide to get the basics down.

Pumpkins and Their Different Uses

Pumpkins and their many uses|

Pumpkins are actually a squash, but to rephrase Shakespeare: “a pumpkin by any other name would still taste as sweet.” Read all about pumpkins right here.

Caipirinha: Brazil’s National Cocktail

National Brazil cocktail, Caipirinha |

The caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail but can actually be adjusted to any countries national alcohol. Its birth was in Sao Paulo and actually started out as a medicinal drink with garlic and honey but later evolved into the Caipirinha that we know today, without garlic and honey but refreshing and the perfect cocktail to …

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Easy Plant-Based Pasta Sauce Recipes

Pesto Pecan Kale Sauce |

Premade plant-based pasta sauces can be difficult to find, but cooking from scratch can be so time consuming! Well, look no further than these three delicious, quick, and easy recipes for healthy, vegan sauces to add to your favorite pasta dishes. A food processor will greatly assist in making these sauces, but a blender will …

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Easy Health and Lifestyle Changes

Improve Your Diet With Easy Health and Lifestyle Changes |

It’s the dawn of a new year, which means ’tis the season for resolutions. How many of you have resolved, yet again, to lose weight, eat healthier foods, or any number of other food-related pledges? If that sounds like you, I think you could find this article really helpful. Sometimes, trying to make drastic food …

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11 Ways To Remove Stains From Plastic

11 Ways to Clean Stains From Pastic |

Plastic containers, cutting boards, cups, and utensils are found throughout the modern kitchen. But these things stain very easily. Find out how to make them sparkly clean now.