9 Good Reasons to Eat a Salad a Day

9 Good Reasons to Eat a Salad a Day | Foodal.com

Interested in knowing all of the reasons you should be eating leafy greens, brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and herbs on a daily basis? Read on for the healthy facts behind salads – a bonus recipe included.

The Complete Newbie’s Guide To Beer

Best Types of Beer From Around the World | Foodal.com

Have you just discovered there’s more beer types out there (beyond those you can get in red and white can, brewed in St Louis, MO)? If so, give our guide a read to help you understand the different types and tastes.

The Ultimate Fruit Salad Yogurt Parfait

Best Fruit Salad Yogurt Parfait Recipe| Foodal.com

If you need a bit of sweetness after your main course, this parfait is the perfect fit for hot weather. Cool and refreshing, it’s a healthy and guilt free treat to boot. Different kinds of fruit provide different nutrients, and the yogurt provides beneficial bacteria to help you digest your meal.

The Best Homemade Donut Recipe

The Best Homemade Donut Recipe | Foodal.com

Searching for a quick and easy donut recipe? Look no further. Jennifer’s recipe is a simple but delicious variation on the famous fried donut. Served with powdered sugar or glaze, or add your own sweet or savory topping of choice. Get the recipe now!

My Favorite Vegetarian Recipes

My Favorite Vegetarian Recipes | Foodal.com

Looking for some great vegetarian recipes? Try these on for size. Stuffed bell peppers, ratatouille, and a spaghetti squash with tomatoes and feta recipe are included. Read about these easy-to-make recipes now.

Coffee 101

Coffee 101: How to Make the Perfect Cup

Trying to improve your morning coffee fetish? If so, give our guide a quick read and you’ll have your daily dose of caffeine and your tongue will actually enjoy it. Learn what you need to know to improve your cup of joe now.

Coffee: A Long and Glorious Conversation

Coffee: A Long and Glorious Conversation

Although it’s mass-produced and often served in generic, corporate environments today, coffee has been starting conversations, keeping people awake, and encouraging revolutionaries since at least the 16th century – and probably hundreds of years before that. Coffee was once a carefully protected and even controversial beverage…

Baby Greens with Roquefort and Pear

Baby Greens with Roquefort and Pear | Foodal.com

A delicious salad made with tasty Roquefort cheese and in-season pears. Tarragon adds and unique flavor that you won’t find in many other salads. Read about making this delicious and healthy dish now.