How to Store Bananas

Storing Bananas Made Easy |

Not sure how to store your perfectly ripe bananas? Or maybe you’re just tired of them going bad so quickly? When it comes to enjoying the perfect pick, we have you covered. For all of the details on storage and ripening, as well as the best way to enjoy this fruit at any stage, read more now on Foodal.

Oxygen Absorbers: Preserving Your Food

Dried Fruit in Jars with Oxygen Absorbers |

Don’t have a clue about oxygen absorbers? Look no further, as Foodal explains exactly what they are and how to use them to preserve your food. When used correctly, they can greatly extend the shelf life of your dried produce and pantry staples. Cut down on food waste, and learn how to calculate exactly how many of these little packets you’ll need. Read more now.

White, Brown, Red, Blue – What Color Eggs Are Best for You?

What Color Eggs Are Best? |

Do you believe that brown eggs, with their deep yellow yolks, are nutritionally superior to white ones? Eggs come in a surprising array of colors, but there’s a lot of misinformation about which color offers the best nutrition. Read on to find out which comes out on top, why yolk colors range from pale yellow to bright orange, and whether the cholesterol in eggs is really as bad for our health as we’ve been told.

You’ll Love This Decadent Orange Cinnamon Cream Dessert Parfait

Orange Cinnamon Cream Dessert Parfait |

Here’s the dessert you’ve been dreaming of. Indulge in this delicious cinnamon mousse with a hint of orange and cardamom. Combined with rich whipped cream and soft cheese, it will melt in your mouth. Or use it as the base for your own dessert creation. Read on for the recipe!

Getting the Most out of the Indian Grocery Store: A Culinary Adventure

The product section inside of Patel Brother's Indian Grocery Store.

Step inside Patel Brothers, a large, stand-alone building sandwiched between U.S. Bank and McDonald’s along the crowded, chaotic strip of South Nashville known as Nolensville Road, and you could easily forget you’re in Tennessee. The atmosphere of this Indian market is bare-bones ambiance: plain floors, fluorescent lights, handwritten signs marking prices on produce–a far cry …

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Savor a Slice of Heaven at Home with This Viennese Dessert

The Best Viennese Sacher Torte Recipe |

Full of chocolate, full of flavor, full of history: The Viennese Sacher torte has it all. If you’re craving a rich and delicious cake, this is the one: pure chocolate with a fruity layer of apricot jam – an irresistible combination. Read on for the recipe.

How to Live Happy by Eating Healthyish

How to live happy by eating healthyish

Ever since I started eating and living healthyish, my mental outlook on life has really improved. I am able to eat whatever I want totally guilt-free because I know that 85% of the time, I’m not eating unhealthy foods. Read more about how I organize my eating habits to help you with yours.

Homemade Marzipan-Hazelnut Chocolates

Homemade Marzipan-Hazelnut Confectionary |

Marzipan, the sweet and nutty paste, can be an ingredient in baked goods or a treat on its own. Read on to find out about its history, different quality levels and how they are determined. Plus, a wonderful and easy recipe for marzipan-hazelnut chocolates is waiting for you to enjoy.

10 Little-Known Facts About Tea

Little-Known Tea Facts |

Want to learn some interesting tidbits about tea? If so, read this and you’re sure to find out something that you didn’t know about your favorite drink. Herbal teas, green, oolong, and black- What’s the difference? Find out more on Foodal.

9 Simple Ways to Make Steamed Veggies More Flavorful

Flavorful Steamed Vegetables |

Nothing beats a hot, steamy vegetable dish when you’re hungry for something healthy, garden fresh, and presentation perfect. The problem is that plain, steamed vegetables can seem bland. Let’s perk up the flavors! For Foodal’s top tips that will help you to add pizzazz to your next meal, read more now.

How to Pick, Prep, and Store Grapes

How to Pick Prep Store Grapes |

Do you know how to store grapes the right way? Foodal has some secrets to share. Discover the proper methods to ensure that this juicy, flavorful fruit stays fresh longer, plus tips for shopping and prep. No more soggy, soft, or spoiled grapes (and no more money wasted on an often expensive fruit, once you know how to extend its shelf life)! Read more here.