Yeast: Everything You Need to Know

Proofing Bread Knots |

Have you ever wondered why a recipe calls for instant versus active dry yeast? What the heck is fresh, block, cake, or compressed? Or that there are wild yeasts in the air? And what exactly is sour dough? Unravel the mystery behind these magical little friends, and you will be able to adapt any recipe to the variety you have on hand.

The Yonanas Fruit Soft-Serve Maker Fulfills Your Sweetest Dreams!

Yonanas Banana Soft Serve Machine |

Turn any frozen fruit into a summer dessert dream. The Yonanas soft-serve maker is the best way to make a treat that is totally dairy, added sugar, and allergen-free! All you need is your favorite fruit, and you can feast on a guilt-free treat all summer long. Read more about our top pick for healthy, homemade soft-serve now on Foodal.

Florence, Alabama: Nashville Road Trip

Florence, Alabama

I hope I’ll never forget the moment when, working on the back porch with Tim, our computers in our laps, I heard his phone buzz and, without thinking, reached for it, glanced at the screen and read his text out loud. “‘Matthew’ says you’re confirmed for a night in Florence, Alabama?” Even as I read …

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All About Honey: How Sweet It Is

All About Honey Types and Healing Properties |

Honey is sweet, sticky, and simply delicious. Available in lots of colors and flavors it still remains a completely natural product. Learn about different varieties that can be really healthy for you, too! Read on for everything you need to know about nature’s sweet golden nectar.

Semifreddo Two Ways: The Perfect No-Churn Ice Cream

Lime Cranberry Semifreddo |

Hoping to make homemade ice cream, but don’t want to mess with extra equipment? Semifreddo is the perfect no-churn alternative. We’ve got two simple methods that will work with a variety of flavors, and they’re both so easy for even the worst of cooks. You have no excuse not to give this recipe a try!

Victoria Day: Canada’s Unique Ode to Summer

Victoria Day Food |

Ready for a trip to the land of the Midnight Sun? Victoria Day is Canada’s unique spring holiday, marking winter’s end and warm weather excitement. Remembered as Queen Victoria’s birthday, today it’s a celebration of longer days, backyard barbecues, and tall, cold beers – with eats ranging from fiddlehead ferns and bison burgers to wickedly good Nanaimo bars! Join us for a closer look, right here at Foodal.

Lemon and Earl Grey Curd: Have Your Tea and Eat It, Too

Dish of Lemon Curd Semifreddo |

Looking for a way to spice up your humdrum breakfast routine? Our Lemon and Earl Grey Curd is a versatile treat that’s sure to perk up your day. The perfect topping for yogurt or a scone, this curd can also be used as a tart filling, or as the base for a tangy semifreddo. Give our simple recipe a try – read more now on Foodal.

Tart and Creamy Rhubarb Buttermilk Sherbet

Make This Rhubarb Buttermilk Sherbet |

With the perfect balance between bright sorbet and smooth ice cream, sherbet is the ideal summer treat. Our recipe for rhubarb buttermilk sherbet is tart, tangy, and not too sweet, not to mention a beautiful pink hue! Check out the super simple method to dreamy summer bliss on Foodal now – it’s sure to become your new go-to!

You’ll Love This Tasty and Nutritious Spiralized Beet Noodle Wrap

Healthy Wraps with Spiralized Beet Noodles |

Looking for a new way to put your beets to good use? Maybe you’re tired of the tried-and-true juicing and pickling routes. How about spiralizing them, and adding them to wraps? If you answered yes to all of the above, we have the perfect recipe for you. Not only is it super healthy, it also comes together quickly, requiring just a little cooking and chopping. Get the recipe here on Foodal, and read more now!

Seasoning & Healing Effects of Fennel Seed

Culinary & Medicinal Uses of Fennel Seed |

Fennel seed is a fantastic addition to your spice rack. It can be used to season lots of dishes, whether meat, fish, or vegetarian. Plus, beneficial properties can help with various health issues too, like digestive problems. Read on for an overview of this interesting spice!

Making Shrubs and Drinking Vinegars: Tasty Cocktails and Healthy Mocktails

Mocktail Made with Shrub or Drinking Vinegar |

Shrubs and drinking vinegars – what are they? For starters, they’re a refreshing and healthy mix of fruits fermented with sour vinegar. Trendy today in juice and cocktail bars, you can make your very own at home. Add them to your favorite alcoholic beverage, or craft your very own healthy mocktails! Learn their health benefits and how to make them, right here at Foodal.