The Soggy Muffin Bottom Blues (And How To Fix Them!)

Soggy Muffins Cover |

Wet or undercooked muffin bottoms are such a letdown. You put the toothpick in and it came out batter-free, they smelled and looked delicious, and then… the bottom fell out. Literally! Why does this happen? Well, there’s a few reasons for overly-moist bottoms, from sunken berries to faulty tools – and we’ve all got the solutions. Read more now on Foodal to find easy fixes for all your soggy muffin bottom blues!

Homemade Ginger Candy: A Sweet Treat that will Ease What Ails You

Crystallized Ginger Recipe |

Are you curious about how to make your own natural, crystalized ginger? Sweet, spicy, chewy, crunchy – Foodal has the perfect recipe for you, and you only need two ingredients! Whether you want a quick tummy tamer or an exciting new garnish for your next dessert, these candies have exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading now on Foodal!

Out of Oil? Bake Anyway with Creative Substitutions

Oil in Mixing Bowl |

Does this sound familiar? Company’s on the way, and you’re baking a quick batch of brownies. You’ve got everything in the bowl but the oil… which you suddenly realize you haven’t got. Don’t panic, get creative! Learn what to substitute for oil to make moist and delicious baked goods at home. Read more now on Foodal.

Perfecting Your Pie Game: Breaking Down the Daunting Crust

Learn to Make a Lattice Top Pie Crust and Other Tips |

Have you ever wondered how bakers achieve such pristine, flaky pie crusts? We’re here to demystify the process, so you too can perfect your pate brisee, bridle your blind bake, conquer your crimping, and love your lattice, big or small. Read on to learn more as we break down the technique behind confidently creating this often daunting dough.

Too Much Salt in the Stew: What to Do?

Salt Shaker Closeup |

We’ve all done it. We’re preparing a recipe and everything is great, when all of a sudden we give it a massive dash of salt and think the whole dish is ruined. Is there a way to reverse the damage? Yes! Salvage your stews and restore your sauces with quick fixes from the experts at Foodal. Read how!

Vanilla Sauce (For German Dampfnudeln, and Other Delights)

Vanilla Sauce for Desserts, Breakfast, and More |

Looking for a sweet sauce to serve on your favorite desserts, pancakes, or breakfast breads? Try our recipe for a German-style sauce with an interesting history. Traditionally served on Dampfnudeln, or yeast dumplings, this dish has an interesting history. Learn more and get the recipe now on Foodal.

Sweet and Green Carrot Juice (And Some Tips for Home Juicing Beginners)

Sweet Green Carrot Juice |

For those who are new to making their own fresh green juices at home, the flavor of all of those vegetables can be a turnoff. Try this mild option until you’re ready to take off those training wheels. We share the recipe for a healthy juice that’s a bit sweeter on Foodal. Read more now.

O’zapft Is: Enjoy an Authentic German Oktoberfest Menu

O’zapft Is - Enjoy Authentic German Oktoberfest Foods |

It’s time to celebrate German Oktoberfest. The world’s most well-known fair has come – and with it, lots of savory specialties to enjoy. Foodal provides you with everything you need to know about the most traditional foods. Read on for a classic collection of proven festival recipes to awake the Bavarian inside you.

Spice Up Your Next Taco Tuesday with these Tasty Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos |

It’s time to put a twist on Taco Tuesday and give this shrimp version a try! With an avocado and tomato salsa and a fresh cabbage slaw, you’ll have the whole family begging for more! This recipe is also great for a party where guests can each build their own. Read more for the recipe and give them a try straight away!

Spinach Apple Juice: A Simple Green Juice for Beginners

Beginner Spinach Apple Juice |

Looking for a simple way to break into the green juice craze? You’ll love this mild-flavored and nutrient-packed option, made with fresh leafy greens, apples, and citrus. Read more now, learn about the nutritional impact you’re in for, and get the recipe on Foodal!