What Is Brown Butter and How Do You Make It?

Two jars of brown butter sitting on wooden table | Foodal

Looking for a new way to cook with butter? Follow our easy step-by-step guide to get perfectly nutty and toasty brown butter. Master this yummy technique to use in sauces, pastries, and so much more. You only need just a couple minutes to completely transform one of your favorite ingredients! Grab a stick or two of butter, and get cooking now on Foodal.

Spiced Eggnog Cheesecake: The Perfect Boozy Holiday Dessert!

Spiced Eggnog Cheesecake | Foodal.com

Love eggnog for the holidays? Make our boozy spiced cheesecake inspired by the drink. It’s creamy, rich, and has a big splash of spirits. Served with whipped cream and caramel sauce, this decadent dessert will secure your spot on Santa’s naughty list. Enjoy some sweet, sinful indulgence this winter, and get the recipe on Foodal now!

Puffed Apple Pancakes: So Simple, So Good!

An extreme oblique close up of a apple puffed pancake | Foodal

This gorgeous puffed apple pancake is a super easy to make treat using fresh honeycrisp apples and makes the perfect fall comfort food. The egg batter makes it like a combo of bread pudding and apple pie!

Rediscovering a Classic: How to Select, Ripen, Store, and Prepare Pears

How to Store Different Types of Pears | Foodal.com

Sweet, juicy pears are available year round, but they are sometimes upstaged by more exotic seasonal fruits. Join us as we take a close look at this stalwart staple of the produce aisle, and learn how to ripen, store, and prepare some flavorful and versatile varieties, right here on Foodal.

Spatchcocking: Your New Best Friend for Preparing Poultry

A top view of turkey carcasse that has been butterflied or sp

Do you have problems regulating the heat between the breast and leg areas of your bird? Do you find that in order to thoroughly cook the dark meat, the white meat is forced to get too hot and therefore gets dry? Try spatchcocking your chicken, turkey, or other poultry on your next cook.

WonderMill Junior Deluxe: The Best Grain Mill For Flour and Nut Butters

WonderMill Junior Deluxe Review | Foodal.com

For all-around performance and versatility, the WonderMill Junior Deluxe is the best mill on the market. With two sets of burrs, it handles both dry and oily foods. Use the stone burrs to grind dry grains for cracked cereals, coarse meal, and fine flour. Then switch over to the steel burrs to make delicious nut butters. And being manual, this grinder can be used even when there’s no power! Join us now for an in-depth look at this multipurpose grinder.

Rosemary Butter Cookies from Heaven

A white ceramic bowl with rosemary butter cookies with fresh rosemary leaves on top | Foodal

Do you love the savory sensation of rosemary? Ever thought of including it in a sweet cookie? Now is your chance with this delectable recipe that will surprise your tastebuds!

Get Peachy With Peach Cookies

Close up of a plate full of peach cookies. 3 pieces of fresh fruit is in the background | Foodal

Do you love pastries but love the storage and portability of cookies? If so, this peach version will definitely do the trick. The fruit makes this one something special – part pastry and part cookie, this dessert is to die for.