Peach Basil Crostini Is the Only Appetizer You Need to Make this Summer

Three peach and basil crostini with ricotta on a square white plate, with twomore plates in the background, and a small round dish of honey with a wooden dipper, on a table topped with a dark and light blue cloth.

Fresh, juicy peaches are one of the highlights of the season, and this simple crostini with ricotta and basil is the perfect dish to start off any summertime meal right. From brunch to barbecues, there’s no wrong time to serve this easy-to-make appetizer that features seasonal produce. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Upgrade Your Bagel Game with this Cherry Cream Cheese Spread

Horizontal image of bagel slices spread with cream cheese surrounded by nuts and whole cherries.

Want to upgrade your bagel game? Celebrate cherry season with this sweet and tangy spread, made with fresh fruit. The combination of cream cheese, fresh cherries, crunchy walnuts, chewy dates, and tart cherry juice creates a spread that is so memorable, you’ll want to make it every year. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

The Best Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Top down view of five vegan peanut butter cookies on parchment paper

Are you in love with the taste of natural peanut butter and love your cookies? But need a vegan-friendly recipe to merge your two favorite food combinations? Well now, you can have your cookie and eat it too with this easy vegan peanut butter cookie recipe from Foodal. Get it now!

Take a Break with a Slice of Maple Blueberry Coffee Cake

A round blueberry crumb cake with a triangular slice taken out with a cake server, on a white background with scattered berries.

Round out your afternoon with a moist and delicious slice of Maple Blueberry Coffee Cake and a cup of joe. Made from scratch with fresh fruit, a touch of herbs, and a sweet and nutty streusel crumble topping, it’s the perfect treat for your next family gathering or Sunday brunch. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Brown Rice Salad With Apples, Dried Cranberries, and Peas

Horizontal image of a large white bowl with a grain, vegetable, and fruit mixture.

Cold grain dishes are perfect if you need a quick and filling meal. Our recipe for brown rice salad is not only hearty, but full of fresh and fun ingredients like apples, cranberries, toasted pecans, green peas. Mixed with an easy homemade dressing, this is a healthy dish with bold flavor. Try it today on Foodal.

Classic Shredded Chicken Tacos with Salsa Verde, Made In the Instant Pot

Chicken tacos with salsa and cheese on corn tortillas, with dishes of green and red salsa, lime wedges, and scattered finely chopped cilantro on a light blue background.

Flavorful and juicy homemade shredded chicken tacos are an easy weeknight dinner that the entire family will love. Served with roasted tomatillo salsa verde, pico de gallo, and queso fresco, you get all the classic flavors, straight from the slow cooker or Instant Pot. Read more to enjoy a taco night, done right.

The Easiest Strawberry Cake Recipe You’ll Ever Make

Two slices of cake studded with strawberries on a white dessert plate with a fork, with more cake and three whole berries in the background.

There’s nothing like a slice of moist and delicious homemade strawberry cake to lighten up a dull week. With a hint of vanilla-almond flavor to complement the tart and sweet fruit, it’s perfect for dessert or a summertime brunch. To find out how easy it is to make this simple recipe at home, read more now on Foodal.