How to Get a Picky Child to Eat Healthy

Grouchy young boy with plate of broccoli.

The daily battle usually begins with my little “angel” around 7 a.m. Droopy-eyed and half asleep, my 6-year-old wanders to the family table, and scoots into his chair. When his head finally lifts from the table and his yawning subsides, the screeches of discontent ring out as inevitably as the deafening chirp of my alarm …

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Seven Benefits of Cooking From Scratch

Preparing food from scratch |

Many of the younger generation have never been taught the skill of cooking from scratch. Younger people eat packaged foods most of the time, indulge in fast foods, are afraid to make mistakes, or simply refuse to learn to cook. This used to be something passed down from mother to daughters or to sons. It …

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The Health Benefits of Fresh Herbs

A femaile hand with scissors cutting fresh herbs

Many herbs and spices offer potent healing powers and health benefits. However, many of the bottled spices found at the grocery store have been irradiated, not to mention that they have generally been hanging around on the shelf for quite awhile, which nullifies the health benefits (and, in many cases, the flavor and aroma). To …

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