Melonenbowle mit Birne
Melon Bowle Punch with Pear
  • 1 large orange fleshed melon (for summer, try watermelon)
  • 2 bottles white wine*
  • 2cups sliced pearvery ripe
  • 4Tbsp sugar
  • 1tsp peppermint extract
  • 1Tbsp honey
  • Fresh mint leavesfor garnish
  • coarse or raw sugarfor garnish
  1. With a large serrated knife, cut a bit off the base of the melon (only 1/10 of the rind, do not cut into the flesh) so it can stand up like a bowl.** Cut the top off the melon.
  2. Remove the seeds and carve out or use a melon baller to remove most of the melon flesh.
  3. Be sure to leave plenty of melon to line the bowl. In a glass bowl, pour 4c wine mixed with 3T of the sugar over the melon flesh (cut into cubes or balled) and 1c pear slices. Do not mix, as it might cause the pear to break into pieces.
  4. Cover the bowl with saran wrap. Allow wine and fruit to soak in refrigerator for 6 – 8 hours. Chill the remainder of the wine and the melon bowl(s).
  5. To prepare the bowle, remove the melon bowl from the refrigerator and an unopened bottle of wine.
  6. Carefully dip the cut edge of the top of the melon in honey.
  7. Set honeyed edge on a paper plate covered in coarse or sanding sugar to transfer crystals. Turn melon upright.
  8. Fill the melon 1/2 full with the wine and add peppermint extract. Very carefully spoon the chilled wine-soaked fruit into the melon to a good height.
  9. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.
  10. It is proper to serve with clear picks (a garnish of a single piece of melon with a pick inserted) for those who enjoy eating the soaked fruit.
Recipe Notes

*Spumante (sparkling white wine, preferably dry VERY CHILLED Prosecco. If Watermelon is preferred, choose a rose wine for both color and flavor.)

** For an interesting party theme, choose very small melons so each guest has their own drink.

Melonenbowle mit Birne Recipe