Spicy Asian Oil
  • 2tablespoons coriander seeds
  • 1-2 fresh chili peppers
  • 1thumb-sized knob fresh ginger
  • 2cups vegetable or olive oil
  • 2-3sprigs rosemary
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Roughly grind the coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle, and roast for 2-3 minutes in a dry pan.
  2. Wash the peppers and cut into thin rings. Peel the ginger and cut into fine strips.
  3. Place the seeds, peppers, and ginger in a saucepan. Pour the oil over the contents and apply very low heat for approximately 30 minutes. Keep an eye on it – do not let the oil get even close to boiling or reaching its smoke point.
  4. Prepare a pot of boiling water and fill the bottle/put it inside for about 10 minutes to sanitize, then empty it out and let it drain on a clean towel.
  5. Season the oil with salt and pepper. Wash and dry the rosemary.
  6. Place the rosemary sprigs into the bottle. Using a funnel, fill the bottle with the oil. Seal with a lid.