Raquel Smith

Raquel Smith
Raquel Smith
Contributing Writer & Photographer

Raquel Smith lives on the beautiful California Central Coast with her husband AJ and her black lab Dedas, where she finds inspiration for food, fitness, and life in general.

Raquel holds degrees in molecular biology and microbiology from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and she started food blogging shortly after graduation. Her blog, MyCaliforniaRoots.com, is in the processing of being merged into Foodal.

Raquel now works as a developer for Food Blogger Pro, supporting their various WordPress Plugins.

Her Food Philosophy is best shared in her own words:

I really, truly believe that the best approach to food is to simply eat a wide variety of things. Sure, there may be better diets (I’m inclined to think that a mostly plant-based diet is probably the healthiest), but these often aren’t sustainable for people. And besides, I’m in love with food. Why eschew some of the most delicious food entirely when you can reap many of the same benefits when you have it only so often?

So, yes: your body is entirely a reflection of your lifestyle. But I don’t want to live to be 110 years old and never enjoy the creaminess of goat cheese on my tongue or the crunch of cinnamon sugar on top of a donut, because when I’m 110, I’ll still be old. So, I may as well partake of some of the things I enjoy most, but in moderation.

What do I eat? I try my hardest to eat lots of veggies. I am in love with good, crusty bread, but I do enjoy the challenge of gluten-free baking. And I have a love affair with both eggs and cheese, which I attempt every day to keep in check.

I do not eat meat. While I believe this is the healthiest (and cheapest! and best for the environment!), this is also just a personal choice. I didn’t eat much meat growing up and gave it up easily in high school. I haven’t really ever desired to eat it again. I’m just not a big fan.

When she’s not coding lines of PHP or taking beautiful food and landscape photos, Raquel also enjoys mountain biking and running. And playing with Dedas, of course.

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