Braised Roma Beans

Top down view of Braised Roma Beans on a white ceramic plate.

When Tim and I visited my family earlier this year, my brother loaned me the book The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. The story, if you don’t know it, is about a man who accidentally begins a long journey to a friend, and along the way, both he and everyone he knows is affected. I reached …

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Writer Chats, Part X: Confessions of a Writer

Here we are with part ten of the Writer Chats series, brought to you by Asha, a writer who combines stories and recipes at her food blog Dinner She Wrote. Like us, Asha believes that “what speaks to me, speaks to another,” and perhaps that’s why I resonate so much with what she’s written here. …

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Easy Radish Panzanella

Top down view of a glass mixing bowl full of Easy Radish Panzanella.

Telling you I like panzanella is a little like telling you my teenage self liked pizza. I don’t like panzanella; I want to eat it every day. In the same way I grew up buying Tombstone and Jack’s and, let’s be honest, eating any pizza anyone would give me, now I want panzanella, and I …

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Writer Chats, Part IX: Finding My Writing Voice

Today’s entry in the Writer Chats series comes from the Los Angeles-based mom and writer who cultivates the beautifully photographed, inspiring blog, French Foodie Baby. Helene’s posts are filled with real-food-focused recipes, often with photos of her adorable son, Pablo, and I have to tell you, as I’ve told her, that she is one of the …

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Grill-less Grilled Sambal Chicken Skewers over Greens

Top down view of three Grill-less Grilled Sambal Chicken Skewers on a white marble surface.

You would think, after nearly five years of regular blogging, a person would become immune to the kindness in the blog community. At least that’s what I keep thinking this week, after publishing Tuesday’s post, and hearing such kind, thoughtful responses from so many of you. You would think I would be used to this …

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Writer Chats, Part VII: Live, Learn, Write

Today’s entry in the Writer Chats series comes from a girl I first met when we were editorial interns together, working for a small publishing house in suburban Chicago. Jacqui and I didn’t become friends until two years later, after we found out on LinkedIn that we’d started food blogs on the same day and …

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Beet and Lettuce Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette

Beet and Lettuce Salad with Green Onion Vinaigrette on a white, ceramic plate setting on a dark wooden dining table.

Tim and I got a new bathroom ceiling this week. First, we got a massive ceiling bubble that Tim had to pop with a knife, straddling the toilet and the tub, a five-gallon bucket in his other hand while water shot from the ceiling cyst like milk from a cow; but then, beginning Wednesday and …

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