Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

Horizontal image of a woman in an apron picking out supplies in a large green bucket next to sponges on a wooden table.

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means: plenty of thorough cleaning around the house. Are you not sure where to start with cleaning your kitchen? And do you want to make sure you’ll get everything, from top to bottom, inside and out? Foodal’s tips will help you get started. Read more now.

Start Cooking at Home with These 3 Simple Steps

Horizontal image of a home chef preparing a meal while holding a digital tablet.

Not sure how to start cooking at home? Do you give yourself excuses to avoid the kitchen? If you don’t have enough time, you’re too tired to clean up, or you just don’t know how, we’re here to help you. Learn three simple steps to begin cooking at home. Our advice will make it easy for you to start today. Read more.

How Cooking with Your Spouse Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Horizontal image of a couple smiling at one another while making food.

Did you know that couples who cook together often have stronger, happier relationships? Learn how you can strengthen your bond by spending time together in the kitchen. From meal prepping to enjoying at-home date nights, there are so many ways to encourage each other while you make a recipe. Find our suggestions now.

Get Your Seasonings in Order: The Best Spice Racks

Horizontal close-up image of a metal organizer with rows of jarred seasonings with metal lids.

Looking for the best spice rack? One that will keep everything organized? Foodal’s got you covered, with reviews of the best models. Once you discover how to efficiently organize your seasonings, you’ll have a lot more fun cooking and baking instead of rummaging around the whole time. Check out all of the options now.

11 Top Tips for Kitchen Safety

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Good organization, respect for your equipment, and careful work habits help to prevent many kitchen accidents like cuts, burns, spills, and falls. Make safety the number one priority for you and the family in your home kitchen with these 11 important tips to follow before, during, and after cooking. Read more now.

30 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks

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Even though we take so much pleasure in preparing homemade food, it often demands a great deal of time. Meal planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning – the list goes on and on! To help you plan and organize each week, read our compilation of 30 of the best time-saving ideas for the kitchen now.

How to Exercise In The Kitchen and Burn Calories

Horizontal image of a man and woman having fun and dancing together in a kitchen.

Don’t have time to exercise at the gym or club? Take your workout to the kitchen while you’re preparing meals at home. With our helpful tips and advice, you can learn how to turn daily cooking and cleaning activities into fun, calorie-burning exercise routines. Are you ready to sweat? Read more now.

7 Benefits of Cooking from Scratch at Home

Horizontal image of family preparing a meal together.

Love eating fast food, ordering takeout, or restaurant hopping? While we all enjoy more convenient ways of getting our grub, you might be missing out on the benefits of home cooking. Learn about seven advantages of preparing meals at home to develop your culinary skills and lead a healthier lifestyle.

21 Common Cooking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Horizontal image of a shocked woman opening the lid to a pot in the kitchen.

Are some of your culinary efforts falling a bit short? Is the steak overdone, or your eggs just won’t boil? Check out our roundup to see if you’re making any of these common cooking mistakes. We’ll take a closer look at recurring kitchen blunders, their causes, and helpful solutions for smarter cooking! Read more now.

How to Get a Picky Child to Eat Healthy

Horizontal image of a cranky child sitting at the table with a red bowl.

Do you have picky children at home who refuse to eat any fruits or vegetables? Are you struggling to find better options to increase their intake of nutrient-dense breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack foods? We have some creative solutions for you. Read Foodal’s helpful tips to find and make healthy foods they’ll enjoy.

Spicy Wasabi: A Rare Rhizome with Huge Flavor

Horizontal image of three wasabi rhizomes on ice in a wooden box.

Do you think wasabi is just that green blob you’re too afraid to eat on your sushi plate? Think again! Wasabi is an extraordinary rare plant with a vibrant flavor and spicy punch. Learn exactly what it is, how to buy it, how to prep and store it at home, and how to use it in your own kitchen. Read more now.

Asparagus Pee: A Smelly Embarrassment Explained

Horizontal image of a bunch of green vegetables tied together next to a knife and kitchen twine on a wooden table.

What’s that smell? If you ate some asparagus not too long ago for dinner, the veggie might be creating an unusual aroma when you’re doing your business in the bathroom. Read more about this strange bodily reaction. You’ll learn what potentially causes this stinky pee, and if there’s any chance to prevent it.