15+ Essentials for the Perfectly Packed Picnic Basket

Horizontal image of a packed picnic basket with a checkered red and white towel on a countertop.

Trekking into nature to enjoy an outdoor meal is a favorite warm-weather activity, but forgetting an item or two can put a damper on the fun. For the best possible picnic experience, consult our checklist to ensure a perfectly packed basket before heading out. Read more now to learn all about our suggested essentials.

How to Pick the Best Kitchen Whisk: Our Top 9 Choices

Horizontal image of making a thin batter in a glass bowl on a light gray surface next to raspberries, milk, almonds, flour, and eggs.

Are you looking for the best whisk to use in your kitchen? It’s an essential tool that every home cook and baker should own, but there are so many options available. Which one should you buy? Look no further than Foodal’s list of top picks, and learn about what style will suit your different prep needs. Read more now.

13 Essential Tools and Accessories for Your Home Bar

Mixologist pouring an alcoholic drink in a cup while watching an instructional video on phone at home.

Are you building a wet or dry bar at home? Making an effort to serve more homemade cocktails, or thoughtfully chosen wine and beer? You’ll need the right tools! Our guide will help you choose the 13 most essential accessories and gadgets to expertly make craft cocktails. Read more now for the complete list.

13 Clever Ideas to Find Kitchen Space You Didn’t Know You Had

Horizontal image of assorted cooking gear and ingredients on a countertop.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, a universal complaint among home cooks is that there never seems to be enough storage area. Pots, pans, bakeware, and cookware can be large and bulky, and take up a lot of room. But you can easily create more storage space with one, or all, of our 13 clever ideas. Read more.

The Best Salt and Pepper Mills: 7 Top Picks Reviewed

Horizontal image of see-through salt and pepper mills on a wooden table next to assorted vegetables.

Are you tired of endlessly searching for salt and pepper mills that actually work? Don’t like the disposable options from the supermarket? Read Foodal’s guide now and learn about our best-rated models among those available today. We’ve collected the info you need to make an informed decision, all in one place.

The Top 7 Vegetable Peelers To Make Your Life Easier

Horizontal image of cleaning raw yellow potatoes on a wooden cutting, with a bowl in the background.

Every home kitchen needs a sharp and durable vegetable peeler. Discover our favorite options that will make your prep work quick, easy, and safe. A good-quality model makes all the difference! We review our seven top choices, and will go over all the features to consider as you start your own research. Read more now.

The 5 Best Cookware for One-Pot Meals

Horizontal image of a skillet filled with a mix of chicken and vegetables surrounded by lemons.

Easy to make with simple ingredients, comforting and hearty one-pot meals are considered to be the ultimate comfort food. But what kind of cookware do you need to make them? With versatile equipment like Dutch ovens and slow cookers, discover our five favorite options for this style of food preparation. Read more now.

8 Essential Tools and Appliances for Raw Food Chefs

Horizontal image of a wooden cutting board and knife surrounded by assorted produce items.

Interested in beginning a raw food diet? Get ready to give your appliances a workout. Better yet, invest in the best gadgets and tools for the job. From knives to food dehydrators, we suggest our top choices to help you prep efficiently in the kitchen, whether you’re a raw food newbie or a seasoned chef. Read more.

Foodal’s Guide to the 7 Best Garlic Presses

Horizontal image of a metal device processing fresh garlic on a white plate.

To infuse the most tantalizing tastes and aromas of fresh garlic into your dishes, it’s best to finely mince the cloves or crush them. If you don’t want to deal with the prep time or the mess, consider purchasing a garlic press to help you in the kitchen. Read our review of the top models to find the right one for you.

Top Holiday Gift Ideas for the Food and Drink Lover

Horizontal image of assorted wrapped presents with ribbons.

Are you looking for a holiday gift to delight the food lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place! From edible or drinkable treats to subscription boxes to must-have appliances, utensils, gadgets, and more, we have it all and we’re eager to share. Learn about our top picks and where to find them now.

The 7 Best Foodie Gifts under $100

Horizontal image of a stack of presents with bows on a wooden table.

Are you looking for a gift that will be appreciated by the special foodie in your life, the one that never gets tired of cooking or baking? Discover our 7 top picks under $100 for something useful in the kitchen. We suggest bakeware, grill tools, gadgets, and more. Read our gift guide now for all the best ideas.

The 9 Best Potato Ricers For the Perfect Mashed Spuds

Horizontal image of cooked potatoes processed with a metal presser onto a plate.

Are you dreaming of the fluffiest mashed potatoes? Make sure you buy the right tool to get the job done perfectly when you prepare everyone’s favorite side dish. Potato ricers help to process your spuds into light-as-air pieces without excessive mashing. Review our top picks of the best potato ricers now.