Foodal’s Guide to the Best Garlic Presses

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Garlic is commonly sold loose or in bunches. Each bulb consists of individual cloves enclosed in a white paper-like skin.

When raw, the taste is robust and the texture crunchy and has many beneficial health effects. After it is baked, the flavor mellows out with cloves creamy enough to be spread on top of a piece of crusty bread.

Foodal’s Guide to the Best Garlic Presses

To infuse the taste of garlic into your dishes, you need to finely dice the cloves or crush them with a garlic press. Before the invention of this tool, not only would your foods be infused with the delicious aroma of garlic, but your fingers would be too.

This kitchen tool has the ability to mince garlic and effectively add it to all of your favorite dishes. This definitely speeds up your prep time, but these presses can prove to be a bit tedious to clean.

Some models are sold with a cleaning tool, but placing the contraption under a steady stream of warm water while scrubbing with a kitchen brush should do the trick to dislodge any remaining residue.

Also, Always buy fresh bulbs and properly store your garlic for the best flavor

Bottom Line Up Front – Our Top Rated Model

Alpha Grillers

We believe this set to be the best for most consumers. Although not the cheapest option, it is far from being the most expensive model. It’s a quality set, made from durable stainless steel, it’s easy to clean, and you can crush several whole cloves without much effort. It is also very easy to use – it’s also a top-rated and best seller on Amazon.

This set comes complete with a peeler and press. The silicone roller quickly peels the cloves rather effortlessly.

Insert the clove in the peeler and simply roll it back and forth until peeled. Now, you can simply transfer the peeled cloves to the press. Next, insert multiple cloves into the ample basket and squeeze to mince. This tool also works great for mincing ginger.

Depending on your hand size and strength, you may need to use two hands to get the process started. You can also use this tool with unpeeled cloves, but this will require a bit more force.

After use, open the basket and rinse thoroughly or place in dishwasher.



  • Simple to use, rolling motion peels effortlessly
  • Highly durable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Solid stainless steel garlic press
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily minces both peeled and unpeeled cloves
  • Works great for mincing ginger
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

There are really no issues with Alpha Grillers Garlic Press. It’s a great option for most people.

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.

Types of Garlic Presses

Before deciding on which type to purchase, you should assess how often you plan to use it.

If it is a tool you are going to utilize on a daily basis, you should probably consider a metal or steel model. Plastic presses are just as effective, but should only be purchased for occasional use.

Stainless Steel

These tools are on the higher end of the spectrum, often coming with a higher price tag. The metallic sheen will last permanently, as opposed to other metals that may peel over time with repeated use.

Some of these examples feature a large hopper, which has the ability to press several cloves at once. With rubbery ergonomic handles, some models facilitate ease and comfort.

Since stainless steel is rust resistant, you can be assured that these gadgets will stand the test of time. It is best to wash and dry the machine by hand to be assured all residue is removed.

Stainless steel is also believed to remove the strong odor garlic can leave on your fingertips. Simply rub the stainless steel tool on your hands after use.

Joseph Joseph

Using a downward motion, this stainless steel model features a rocker design that efficiently breaks up cloves, pushing the pieces up and out of the mesh design of its base. The crushed pieces are held within the curved section, waiting to be scooped up or emptied into a bowl or pan.

Joseph Joseph Easy-Press Garlic Press with Integrated Scraping Tool |

The unique design of this device makes it easier to manipulate. Even the youngest child can help mince garlic by simply rocking this tool back and forth. The rocking motion is easier than squeezing, especially for people with weaker hands, due to arthritis.

This model can be cleaned easily under the tap or in the dishwasher


  • Uniquely designed
  • Multi-function tool used for crushing and mincing
  • Place on top of clove and simply rock back and forth
  • Easily scoop out crushed garlic
  • Stainless steel naturally eliminates odor from hands
  • Dishwasher safe

Check prices and read customer reviews on Amazon now.


This lightweight tool minces well, even if the peels are left intact. You may need to use both hands at first (especially if the peels are left on!) but once the crushing process has begun, you can switch to one hand.

The ergonomic handles are comfortable and easy to maneuver. Featuring a large hopper, this tool is able to accommodate multiple cloves at a time. It can even be used to press ginger.

This heavy duty press has a flip out basket which makes it relatively easy to clean. Simply rinse under the tap and you are all set.


  • Easily minces with one press, preventing odor from getting onto your hands
  • Large capacity basket
  • Works great for mincing ginger
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty, quality construction
  • Dishwasher safe

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.


This tool, made entirely of stainless steel, is capable of mincing peeled or unpeeled cloves in an instant. Just smash and crush.

When crushing larger cloves, you may need to employ the use of both hands, at least at the beginning. After you are partially done pressing you can use one hand.

AYL Best Garlic Press Stainless Steel with Cleaning Brush |

This tool also works great for mincing ginger or squeezing small citrus fruits, such as limes or lemons.

The ergonomic handles allow for comfort and ease of use. The flip out basket makes this press easy to clean. With just a flick, the mincing head flips up to remove skins and any residue.

Simply rinse with warm water for a few seconds or toss in the dishwasher.


  • Solid stainless steel garlic press
  • Ergonomic design provides leverage, making mincing easy and efficient
  • Easily minces both peeled and unpeeled cloves
  • Works great for mincing ginger or squeezing small citrus
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.


This set is equipped with a peeler and press to make adding garlic to your meals quick and easy. Use the silicone peeler to quickly and easily remove the skin from the cloves.

UberChef Premium Stainless Steel Garlic Press & Peeler Set |

If you are short on time, you can skip a step by inserting an unpeeled clove into the amply sized basket. With a little gentle pressure, the clove is minced and ready to go.

The basket swivels out for easy cleaning. Simply run the basket under warm water or toss in the dishwasher.



  • Simple to use, rolling motion peels effortlessly
  • Highly durable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Made of rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Basket swivels out for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe

This model does have a significant fault – it’s very hard to clean. The basket is not sealed on all four sides and little bits get stuck in the cracks on two sides.

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.


Other metals, such as aluminum, are used in the manufacturing of these time saving devices. These models have proven to be heavy duty as well, sometimes being mistaken for stainless steel.

Aluminum presses featuring a large hopper can prepare multiple cloves at a time. Stainless steel models may last longer with repeated use, however, an aluminum press may be more cost efficient for those cooks who only employ this tool occasionally.

To keep your aluminum tool in the best shape possible, hand washing is advised instead of using the dishwasher. Be sure to dry thoroughly before returning to the cabinet. The coating on these models may peel or darken with extended use.


This kitchen tool is crafted from aluminum, with a black nonstick coating that makes it easy to clean. It features a hopper large enough to accommodate more than one clove, but probably not more than 1 ½ or 2 cloves.

This press cleans easily and is dishwasher safe. For best results and longer wear, hand washing is recommended. For the price, this inexpensive tool works quickly and efficiently.


  • Has a modern, contemporary look
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable for everyday use

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.

Zyliss Susi 3

This product was is from aluminum with a nonstick coating. It is extremely sturdy and is of good quality as are most products from Zyliss (I particularly like their manual can openers).

Zyliss Susi 3 Garlic Press Review |

The attractive ergonomic handle make this press easy to hold onto and maneuver. This tool saves time by mincing garlic easily, without needing to remove the peel. The large basket can accommodate multiple cloves at a time.

This press cleans easily and is dishwasher safe. For best results and longer wear, hand washing is recommended.


  • Made of rust-proof aluminum
  • Stick proof
  • Effortlessly press whole cloves without having to peel
  • Dishwasher safe

Most folks are happy with this model but a very few have reported the coating flaking off or the handles snapping. However, it has a 5 year, no questions asked warranty so this should pose no issue.

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.

Plastic Garlic Presses

Plastic models are made to be durable, but they will not have as long of a lifespan as their metal counterparts.

These less expensive presses feature colorful and innovative designs. For the price difference, plastic presses work quickly and efficiently. They are best suited for occasional use, or for use as a secondary press.

Garlic Press I’mpressed

Made from premium food grade polypropylene, this ergonomic model minces multiple cloves effortlessly and efficiently. Simply place one or more cloves of garlic in the basket and squeeze gently.

This device separates into two pieces for easy cleaning. The stylish modern design and bright colors will make it a conversation piece in your kitchen. Coordinate it with your decor, or let it add a bright pop of color to your countertop.

Lightweight and compact, this kitchen tool will easily store in your silverware drawer or cabinet.


  • Quality stylish design
  • Made from premium food grade polypropylene
  • No sharp edges
  • Easy to clean

Check prices and customer reviews on Amazon now.


Whatever material or design you choose, the goal of the garlic press is to mince the cloves in order to extract the flavorful juice, and to create a fine paste that can easily be mixed into whatever you’re cooking.

The ability to mince more than one clove is preferred, as this helps speed along the process of food preparation.

Take your cooking style into consideration when selecting the press that is best suited for your needs. A stainless steel model is more appropriate for frequent use, whereas a plastic version will achieve the same results when utilized only occasionally.

We recommend taking a hard look at the Alpha Grillers model if you want a garlic press that’s great quality for a decent price.

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21 thoughts on “Foodal’s Guide to the Best Garlic Presses”

  1. I’m glad it’s not just me who hates cleaning a garlic press, so much so it puts me off using one. Hopefully these up to date versions will make it easier and I would look for that as a selling point more than anything. Also the version that makes it easy to empty looks useful, as the last time I used one, I had to use a knife to coax the garlic out.

    • These presses are so cute, and they make cooking with garlic not seem like a nightmare. LOL I like cooking with fresh, not the kind that comes in a jar already pureed, but I totally hate having to deal with the skins. I also bought a press in the past, but it’s weight was too light. Maybe that’s why it didn’t really work out for me. After using it twice, I quickly gave it a toss, but these presses look promising. My favorite model was the AYL, which was yours?

  2. Ugh, not only do I hate cleaning out the garlic press, the chef in me HATES that those bits that inevitably gets wasted. I love garlic. It makes me want to cry. I generally just use my trusty chef’s knife for the job.

    However, if I’m cooking at a friend’s house, one that perhaps doesn’t have a great chef’s knife, then I go looking for the press.

  3. Definitely looking up AYL…looks economical, why, it can work on limes, lemons,ginger and my new found love GARLIC…I detested eating it raw {whispering; the after-breath is oh-so repulsive}…but my health comes first 🙂 . Am extremely grateful to have bumped on this article.. Amazon here I come 😉

  4. Does anyone know if polypropylene retains the odour of garlic after many uses? It would seem to be a viable choice, but I definitely want to see if anyone has had any bad experiences with polypropylene garlic pressers. In any case, I definitely would like to buy the AYL one. Ergonomics is definitely something that should be considered when working over a kitchen. Your arms get so tired!

  5. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of garllc presses and this is a useful review of what’s new on the market. To be honest though, I still think squashing the cloves with the thick bit of the knife blade is as good a method as I’ve come across – and you don;t have to clean the bits out of anything. I just lay the knife flat on the clove and press the top of the blade with the heel of my hand.

  6. I’ve tried so many garlic presses (at my parent and relatives house) and I feel like they all were so difficult to clean . I went to Sur La Table the other day and the women recommend I try the OXO brand. I have to say I am a fan of it. It is stainless steel but also comes with a black plastic pad to help remove all the extra garlic. Also the best part it is dishwasher safe! That was a big bonus for me.

  7. I love garlic, but hate when my fingers smell like it! I remember when I used to make a lot of garlic bread and enough said that I sure didn’t have to worry about any vampire snatching or attacking me, lol! For some reason I wasn’t aware that presses are a thing. I need to buy one ASAP! After reading your article, I think I’m gonna get the I’m Impressed one – it looks awesome! I love when stuff isn’t just helpful, but also makes my kitchen look prettier. I wish it was available in other colors, though.

  8. There is a saying that goes,’old is gold.’ I prefer to use a pestle and mortar to deal with my garlic since it is what my parents used during their time. I also do not trust the new machines introduced. I have a feeling that they do not softly crush the garlic as compared to when the pestle and mortar are used.

  9. I’m ashamed to say that I have been using jarred chopped garlic. The reason? Because I absolutely hated my garlic press so much and cleaning it was an absolute nightmare. I really appreciate this post because jarred garlic just does not compare to fresh cloves. Thank you for the amazon links and thorough research. I will be making a garlic press purchase. No more processed garlic for me.

  10. I’m a bit of a garlic fiend so this article is perfect for me. I am wondering about the nonstick coating on the aluminum models, is it safe? I’ve heard that nonstick coating is not something you want in your food if it flakes off. The steel presses are very pretty, and I didn’t know that they could naturally get the garlic smell off your hands.

  11. The juice that comes out from mashing garlic seems pretty corrosive, so it’s definitely important to invest in a robust rust-proof garlic press. I think most of the models that you reviewed are pretty good, being made of aluminium.

  12. I usually don’t use garlic presses..they seem like a lot of unnecessary work. But I understand they are used for more dishes that call for a garlic paste type substance. I really love chopping my garlic the old fashioned way using a knife and the palm of my hands to help.

  13. I used garlic presses for a while, I know that it is also good for your fingers, so they dont smell like garlic for forever.
    But my grandmother taught me how to cut garlic nicely and the ways she makes t always remind me of my childhood and all the hours spent with her in the kitchen.

    So I often find myself leaving the press in the drawer and just cutting it like my grandmother used to did.

  14. The Joseph Joseph model mentioned here is called the Easy-Press. I mention this only because the text talks about “rocker motion” and JJ does in fact make a model called Rocker. Beware–it’s rubbish. It’s sleek, slim, stylish, cool and utterly worthless as a garlic press. So ask for the Easy-Press by name–if you insist on spending $30 plus shipping on a garlic press, that is.

  15. Just got my garlic press yesterday. I use lots of garlic in most all my food, my press will be well used. I didn’t know garlic presses were so popular. Is there a wed site?

    • Hope you enjoy your new garlic press, Eloise! Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean – is there a website for what exactly? (I assume “wed” was a typo).

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