How to Prevent the Soggy Muffin Bottom Blues

Horizontal closeup image of a halved blueberry pastry with butter spread on one side, with fresh blueberries on a wooden cutting board.

Few things are as tantalizing as a batch of muffins fresh from the oven. But it can be a real downer to break one open to discover pockets of gluey batter or sunken fruit swimming in a pudding-like puddle. For a fine crumb throughout with a sumptuous texture, keep reading to learn how to prevent soggy muffin bottoms.

5 Sweet Solutions to Soften Brown Sugar (Plus Bonus Storage Tips!)

Horizontal image of a large spoonful and a bowlful of brown sugar.

Many varieties of brown sugar are a flavorful addition to baking, breakfast foods, and even savory dishes, adding a light caramel taste that’s not found in white varieties. However, after opening, it can dry out into unusable lumps or bricks… but it can be saved. Here are five sweet solutions to soften brown sugar.

Out of Oil? Bake Anyway with Creative Substitutes

Horizontal image of measuring liquid ingredients into a bowl with flour on a wooden cutting board.

What do you do when you already have ingredients in the mixing bowl, reach for the oil, and find the bottle empty? You look for a substitution. Read on to find creative alternatives for cooking oil in baked goods. From fruits and vegetables to butter and shortening, you will likely have a perfect option on hand.

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Didn’t Rise

Horizontal image of a stressed woman trying to bake in the kitchen.

Baking is not always easy. Sometimes, when we bake a cake, it doesn’t rise, sinks in the middle, or breaks coming out of the pan. Provided it’s cooked all the way through, it’s possible to salvage an imperfect cake. Read on to discover seven solutions for turning a potential cake failure into a sweet dessert sensation.

9 Quick Tips to Say Goodbye to Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Horizontal image of a plateful of chocolate chip cookies on a white wooden table in front of milk bottles.

Do you love eating warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies? Have you tried over and over again to bake the perfect batch at home, but the mounds always turn out sad and flat? What could be the problem? Discover nine quick tips that will have you saying goodbye to flat cookies once and for all. Read more now.

15 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Baking Routine

Horizontal image of a mother and daughter smiling as they roll out pastry on the counter.

Love to bake? Check out these 15 tips and tricks to simplify, improve, and enhance your daily baking routine. From preparing different doughs and batters to successfully removing cake rounds from the pans to applying final decorations, you’ll soon become a baking master with Foodal’s list of helpful ideas. Read more.

How to Bake with Whole Grains at Home

Horizontal image of assorted breads on a wooden surface.

Baking with whole grains can be pretty difficult, and all too often the results are dense and dry. Learn how to incorporate healthier and more flavorful grains into your baking without sacrificing quality. With just a few easy adjustments, you can make tasty cookies, cakes, and breads. Read more now.

29 of the Best Christmas Cookies for Holiday Baking

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted baked goods, with text in the center.

Break out your sheet pans and roll up those sleeves – it’s cookie time! We’ve gathered the best of the best for holiday baking in our roundup, from crisp and crunchy to soft and tender, dolloped, rolled, or cut out, dipped and decorated with royal icing. There’s something for everyone here! Read more now on Foodal.

Foodal’s Top Tools for Baking Bread

Horizontal image of assorted baked goods next to a bench scraper with a wooden handle.

Are you ready to dip your toes in making bread from scratch? Not sure how to begin, or what to buy? Our guide to the top tools will provide everything you need, to ensure that you’re prepped and ready to go. From those staple necessities to the finer luxuries, we’ve got it all covered. Read more now.

How to Use Pie Weights for the Perfect Crust

Horizontal image of a bowl filled with white ceramic balls next to a white towel.

How do you use pie weights? And what the heck is blind baking? Before you start rolling out the dough for your next pumpkin or pecan pie, learn how to use these handy baking accessories. Discover our top pie weight recommendations, with a step-by-step blind baking tutorial to make the perfect crisp and delicious crust.

Soaked Whole Grain Bread

Horizontal image of a stack of bread slices on a gray table next to oats and a white towel.

Learn how to make tasty loaves of golden-brown whole grain bread. We soak most of the dry ingredients to make the dough easier to work with and the bread easier to digest. Your taste buds will love all the hearty flavors and textures, and your gut will enjoy the better nutrition absorption. Read more now for the full recipe.