9 Essential Tips for Cooking with Wine

Horizontal image of a chef pouring wine into a pot with chopped vegetables while preparing a meal.

Cooking with wine can add an extra dimension of flavor and fragrance to a wide variety of dishes. A splash of vino can be used in entrees and desserts, sauces, soups, for poaching fish, and far more. Not sure how to make the right choice for your recipe? Pour yourself a glass, and review our top nine tips right here.

Breakfast Basics for Busy Days

Horizontal image of large brunch spread with fresh flowers and green napkins.

Mornings can be crazy and busy with not enough time to enjoy a nutritious meal before rushing off to work or school. But a few easy tweaks to your routines can ensure you start the day strong, with enough time for a healthy breakfast before heading out. To find out how, read more for our breakfast basics for busy days.

8 Essential Tools and Appliances for Raw Food Chefs

Horizontal image of a wooden cutting board and knife surrounded by assorted produce items.

Interested in beginning a raw food diet? Get ready to give your appliances a workout. Better yet, invest in the best gadgets and tools for the job. From knives to food dehydrators, we suggest our top choices to help you prep efficiently in the kitchen, whether you’re a raw food newbie or a seasoned chef. Read more.

17 Signs That You May Be Zinc Deficient

Horizontal image of a display of assorted healthy and fresh foods on a wooden cutting board.

Zinc is a trace mineral crucial for a healthy immune system. With an insufficient quantity, you may experience various unpleasant symptoms ranging from digestive to behavioral. Read on to learn about zinc, discover a wealth of zinc-rich foods and recipes, and build this healthy nutrient into your daily dietary regimen.

Why You May Feel Better on a Low FODMAP Diet

Horizontal image of assorted fresh and healthy food items surrounding a chalkboard.

People with digestive disorders like celiac, Crohn’s, and irritable bowel syndrome may find that eliminating FODMAPs helps alleviate digestive distress. The Low FODMAP Diet requires the elimination and reintroduction of foods rich in hard-to-digest short-chain carbohydrates. Read on to learn if it may be right for you.

Jam, Jelly, or Preserves? A Quick Guide to 11 Different Styles of Fruit Spreads

Horizontal image of various jams and jellies in glasses on a wooden table surrounded by fresh produce.

Preserving fruit is an age-old way to enjoy a bountiful harvest throughout the whole year. In addition to jam, jelly, marmalade, and preserves, there are other delicious options to make the most of a bumper crop, including chutney, coulis, and syrup. Read on to learn about various fruit spreads to eat with your family.

Beeturia: Why Do Beets Discolor Your Urine and Stool?

Horizontal image of a glass of juice next to whole, sliced, and cubed raw red root vegetables on a wooden surface.

Beeturia is a temporary condition some people experience after eating beets. It affects a small portion of the population and is likely related to underlying health conditions. The symptoms are pink to dark red urine or stool. Read on to learn about this potentially alarming but benign reaction to beet consumption now.

Halloween Fun For Kids with Food Allergies

Horizontal image of two children having fun trick-or-treating together outside.

If your children have food allergies, Halloween can be challenging. Rather than skipping it, take charge. Plan memorable, fun, and food-safe activities the whole family can enjoy. Read on to learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project, and discover creative ways to make an inclusive and magical Halloween event.

11 Fun Ways to Use Pumpkins This Fall

Horizontal image of a display of bright orange pumpkins.

A beautiful and iconic symbol of fall, pumpkins have a sweetly nutty taste. The sugar varieties make a flavorful addition to a myriad of savory and sweet dishes, snacks, and hot or cold beverages, and the carving types are outstanding for autumn decorations. Read more now for 11 fun ways to use pumpkins.

6 Popular Fresh Cheese Varieties for Every Occasion

Horizontal image of slices of bread topped with a thick white spread next to a glass of milk and knife.

Mascarpone, ricotta, and quark are only some of the cheeses that make up the vast category of soft, fresh cheeses. This style of unaged dairy product ranges in flavors, milks, textures, and uses. Interested in knowing some of the basics? Learn about six popular varieties now on Foodal, and how to use them at home.

Build Healthy Work-from-Home Lunches with 5 Basic Ingredients

Horizontal image of a woman working on her laptop at the kitchen table eating a salad.

Working from home can be a grind, but looming deadlines, multiple responsibilities, and an unconventional schedule shouldn’t mean you can’t eat well. Empower yourself to build quick and healthy lunches while working from home all week long by always having five basic ingredients on hand. Read more now.

5 Perfect Cheese Pairings for Oktoberfest Beer

Horizontal image of people holding large glass steins over a decorated table with an assorted charcuterie board.

Excited for Oktoberfest? So are we! Foodal has all the info you need to choose the five best cheeses to complement your favorite full-bodied, malt-forward lagers available throughout this fall festival. Learn why cheese and beer make the perfect pair and explore the best accompaniments for your pairings. Read more.