7 Fast and Tasty Summer Meal Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Horizontal image of an outdoor dinner party, with a man grilling.

Summer is the perfect time for getting friends and family together to enjoy fresh and nutritious homemade meals, even when you’re busy with all of your warm-weather activities. We have a vibrant selection of recipes you can make every day of the week. Discover 7 quick, easy, and healthy recommendations now.

The Best Oils for Deep Frying

Horizontal image of cooking doughnuts in a large pot.

Deep fat frying requires a deep pan or fryer and at least three inches of hot oil. If you enjoy frying chicken, onion rings, potatoes, and more, read on to find the best cooking oils for the job. Discover what a high smoke point is and why it’s so important. Compare products, and make heart-healthy, affordable choices.

9 Simple Ways to Make Steamed Veggies More Flavorful

Horizontal image of a large bowl filled with cauliflower, beans, peas, and peppers.

Nothing beats simply steamed vegetables when you want something fresh and healthy. But here’s the problem: they can be too bland and boring. It’s fun to perk up the basic flavors in easy and creative ways. Read more now for 9 tasty ideas that will help you to add pizzazz to your next side of veggies.

11 Ways to Cook Healthier Meals for the Family without Getting Caught

Horizontal image of a mom, dad, and daughter enjoying pizza together at the table.

Are you looking for creative ideas to make healthy and wholesome food decisions for your whole family without provoking a total mutiny? Learn 11 stealthy ways to cook healthier meals for them without getting caught. It will be easier to accomplish than you might think! Read more now to reveal our expert advice.

19 Flour Types for Gluten-Free Baking

Horizontal image of bowls filled with milled ingredients next to piles of grains, nuts, and seeds.

If you’re giving up wheat because you have celiac disease or just want to become less wheat-dependent, read on to discover 19 different types of gluten-free flour to substitute for wheat when baking. Find exciting options like banana, cauliflower, coconut, and pistachio, and get tips for the best ways to use them now.

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt: What’s the Difference?

Horizontal image of multiple strawberry parfaits in glasses on a wooden cutting board on a white table.

Greek and regular yogurt share much in common, but do you know how they differ from each other? Whether you prefer to buy bulk containers or small, fruit-on-the-bottom cups, learn all about these two creamy dairy products, and gather recipe ideas for each ingredient. Read more now for all the tangy details.

Start Cooking at Home with These 3 Simple Steps

Horizontal image of a home chef preparing a meal while holding a digital tablet.

Not sure how to start cooking at home? Do you give yourself excuses to avoid the kitchen? If you don’t have enough time, you’re too tired to clean up, or you just don’t know how, we’re here to help you. Learn three simple steps to begin cooking at home. Our advice will make it easy for you to start today. Read more.

How to Exercise In The Kitchen and Burn Calories

Horizontal image of a man and woman having fun and dancing together in a kitchen.

Don’t have time to exercise at the gym or club? Take your workout to the kitchen while you’re preparing meals at home. With our helpful tips and advice, you can learn how to turn daily cooking and cleaning activities into fun, calorie-burning exercise routines. Are you ready to sweat? Read more now.

7 Benefits of Cooking from Scratch at Home

Horizontal image of family preparing a meal together.

Love eating fast food, ordering takeout, or restaurant hopping? While we all enjoy more convenient ways of getting our grub, you might be missing out on the benefits of home cooking. Learn about seven advantages of preparing meals at home to develop your culinary skills and lead a healthier lifestyle.

How to Get a Picky Child to Eat Healthy

Horizontal image of a cranky child sitting at the table with a red bowl.

Do you have picky children at home who refuse to eat any fruits or vegetables? Are you struggling to find better options to increase their intake of nutrient-dense breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack foods? We have some creative solutions for you. Read Foodal’s helpful tips to find and make healthy foods they’ll enjoy.

Asparagus Pee: A Smelly Embarrassment Explained

Horizontal image of a bunch of green vegetables tied together next to a knife and kitchen twine on a wooden table.

What’s that smell? If you ate some asparagus not too long ago for dinner, the veggie might be creating an unusual aroma when you’re doing your business in the bathroom. Read more about this strange bodily reaction. You’ll learn what potentially causes this stinky pee, and if there’s any chance to prevent it.

Potential Downsides of Sous Vide Cooking

Horizontal image of sealed thick slices of raw pork with herbs on a wooden board.

Curious about the popular sous vide cooking method? We were too, so we tried it – and found plenty of potential downsides. This method wastes a lot of resources, it’s time-consuming, and it requires plenty of prior planning, with lots of items to wash when you’re done. Is sous vide for you? Learn more now on Foodal.