Foodie Friendly Salts – Make Your Meals Stand Out!

Choosing the Best Salt For Your Kitchen and Home |

Salt is the a basic requirement for the human body. Once a precious commodity use as source of wealth, it has dwindled into a basic blah white staple. However, most people don’t realize that it is available in a huge array of flavors and colors, most of which deliver a wide range of trace minerals not found in your common table salts.

Heart-Smart Fish: Delicious and Easy to Prepare

Heart-Smart Fish – Delicious and Easy to Prepare |

In this article, we go over a number of the health advantages of consuming seafood, fish, as well as marine invertebrates, the best way to choose the most beneficial options for optimal well-being, along with a few quality recipes which are fast and simple to perpare – read more now.

Olive Oil Grades and Culinary Uses

Olive Oil Grades and Culinary Uses |

For thousands of years olive oil had been the linchpin of the Mediterranean diet (the diet of the people, not the fad). But did you know olive oil comes in many different grades and flavor? The very best quality olives are collected by hand and cold pressed, and refined at a low temperature.

Meatless Meals – Try One a Week for a Healthier You

Meatless Meals – Try One a Week for a Healthier You |

The decision to choose vegetarian alternatives for a single meal just one time per week can provide gradual but apparent effects you are able to measure and quantify. Effects include weight reduction, a decrease in chronic disease as well as increased vigour and stamina. All these benefits will encourage you to carry out additional decisions good for your well-being. Read more now.

Cooking With Quinoa

Cooking with Quinoa |

Quinoa – once a staple crop of much of Central and South America – has recently experienced a dramatic increase in use throughout the world. A complete protein along with carbohydrates and micro-nutrients makes this wonderful plant a super-food fit for any foodie.

My Obsession With Coconut Milk

My Obession With Coconut Milk |

I have a confession to make: I have become ridiculously obsessed with coconut milk. I love it in my coffee, in my smoothies, on my cupcakes, and in my cooking. I find myself googling “recipes for coconut milk” or typing “coconut milk” in the Pinterest search bar to see what new thing I can find …

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Easy Health and Lifestyle Changes

Improve Your Diet With Easy Health and Lifestyle Changes |

It’s the dawn of a new year, which means ’tis the season for resolutions. How many of you have resolved, yet again, to lose weight, eat healthier foods, or any number of other food-related pledges? If that sounds like you, I think you could find this article really helpful. Sometimes, trying to make drastic food …

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Paleo Baking Basics – What You Need to Know

Basics of Paleo Baking |

When following a caveman diet, a.k.a. Paleo which stands for Paleolithic, so many people think of Dino burgers the size of Manhattan, hunting for berries or perhaps if you’re lucky and tall enough to reach them, a fist full of nuts. There is a common misunderstanding that the diet does not include baking or that …

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Spelt: Remedies from the Fields

Spelt - natural remedies from the field |

Related to the wheat plant, spelt is naturally high in fiber, and an excellent source of protein. Because of its rich nutrient content and active ingredients, spelt makes an excellent dietary base for those recovering from illness.

Make Your Own Nutritional Baby Food

baby eating water melon

Baby food is just another convenience food- full of added fat, sugar, and sometimes even artificial food colorings and other additives. Take control of what goes into your baby’s diet at various stages of development (and do a favor for your wallet and the environment, too) by making your own baby food at home. Read more on Foodal.

On Bedtime Snacks

Jam on toast with green apple slices | Foodal

Grandmothers and snacks. Let’s reminiscence about our childhood and remember the good times, good things, all connected to food. Journey back with Shanna now.