Fresh and Simple Herbed Compound Butter

Horizontal top-down image of a white bowl filled with a creamy yellow mixture with green speckles on a white towel.

Making your own herbed compound butter is easy to do at home, with just a small list of fresh ingredients and a dose of creativity. You can choose to feature one herb, or have fun with a vibrant combination. Read more now for the recipe, suggested combos, shaping techniques, and serving suggestions.

Spice up Your Barbecues with 11 Kebab and Skewer Recipes

Horizontal image of a collection of meats on sticks images, with a label in the center.

Are you looking for a refreshing change from hot dogs and hamburgers this grilling season? If you want healthier alternatives that still pack in tons of flavor and color, cook any of our bold kebab and skewer recipes for your next barbecue party. Fire up the grill and check out our mouthwatering list now.

Pickled Dilly Green Beans

Horizontal image of glass jars filled with skinny vegetables in a brine on a wooden board next to a plate and white towel.

Pickled dilly green beans are spicy, crisp, and boldly sour like their classic dill pickle cousins, and they can be served in all the same ways. You may even think of some new and creative ways to use them, like as a final topping on avocado toast or as a spicy garnish to a Bloody Mary. Read more for the recipe.

How to Make a Full-Course Italian Meal

Horizontal image of a family having dinner with multiple plates and drinks on the table.

Are you planning your next dinner party? Do you want your guests to feel relaxed, entertained, and comforted? Do as the Romans do and serve a full-course Italian meal everyone can leisurely savor for an entire evening. We’ll discuss the basic courses, and provide tasty recipe suggestions. Read more now.

Chicken Risotto with Saffron

Horizontal top-down image of three white bowls filled with a thick and creamy yellow stew topped with herbs and shredded parmesan.

A creamy risotto hearty enough to serve as the main course, this meaty rendition includes tender pieces of chicken breast. Aromatic saffron threads add the most beautiful shade of yellow to the base, which is finished with grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and butter. Read more now for the full recipe.

5 Steps for a Perfect Pasta Salad

Horizontal image of a large bowl and a plate of a rotini and mixed vegetable and bean recipe next to a wooden spoon and cherry tomatoes.

Do you think pasta salads are always bland and soggy? They don’t have to be that way, especially with our help. Using our step-by-step guide and delicious recipe suggestions, you can learn how to make fresh and bold pasta salads with fun flavors and textures. Your next party is approaching fast, so read more now.

Crisp and Buttery Einkorn Waffles with Aronia Berries

Horizontal image of fluffy waffles on a white plate topped with dark purple fruit on a breakfast table next to bowls, glasses, coffee, and mugs.

Do you want to wake up to a tasty, made-from-scratch breakfast with an unforgettable pop of flavor? We’re serving our crisp and buttery homemade einkorn waffles with a tart and bitter punch from aronia berries. Never heard of them? Learn more about this fun fruit that’s native to North America, and get the recipe now.

Whole Grain Bread with Seeds and Oats

Horizontal image of a round baked loaf and a slice of it on a wooden surface.

You don’t have to buy a loaf of whole grain bread at the store when you can make our light and fluffy version right at home. We use a combination of three different types of flour as well as assorted seeds and oats to create a texturally fun bread that you can enjoy in a variety of ways. Read more now.

Homemade Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Horizontal image of a stack of pancakes with raspberries with maple syrup poured over the top on a brown plate in front of bowls of berries.

Not sure what to do with extra cottage cheese? Tired of just eating it plain in a bowl? For a delicious breakfast idea, one that the whole family will love, try these fluffy and cheesy homemade pancakes. Serve them with your favorite toppings, like maple syrup and fresh fruit. Learn how to make the recipe now.

My Three Favorite Vegetarian Recipes

Horizontal image of a spoon holding up a portion of a hearty stew over a black bowl with rice.

Are you looking for some simple vegetarian recipes, ones that your family will ask you to make over and over again? We’ll share three of our current favorites to make for a delicious and unexpectedly hearty dinner without the meat, featuring the freshest ingredients. Read more right now to save these recipes.

Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers

Horizontal image of a meatless casserole dish with melted cheese and basil garnish.

Is your body craving a refreshing deviation from heavier meat-and-potatoes fare? Make a light and healthy dinner tonight instead. With Foodal’s homemade recipe for vegetarian stuffed bell peppers, enjoy a flavorful filling of white rice mixed with caramelized onions, garlic, tomatoes, and basil. Read more.

Italian Tomato and Bread Soup (Pappa al Pomodoro)

Horizontal image of two white bowls filled with a hearty stew topped with shaved cheese and fresh herbs.

Pappa al pomodoro is an Italian tomato and bread soup, made by cooking together simple ingredients to yield a soft and slurp-worthy texture with the most amazing aromas from basil and garlic. Make it for a hearty antipasto before dinner or enjoy it as a lighter lunch. Read more to learn how to make this easy recipe.