Electric vs. Gas Stoves: Which Is Better?

Horizontal closeup image of a gas stove.

When buying a new stove, circumstances beyond your control, like the absence of a gas line, may dictate it must be electric. However, if you have the choice, you can weigh the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision. Read on for a comparison of gas and electric stoves that will help you shop with confidence.

17 Practical Tips for Using Your Dishwasher

Horizontal image of a full dishwasher in a home kitchen.

The dishwasher has become a standard kitchen appliance, especially in new homes. Sometimes instruction manuals lack helpful details, but proper use plus good care equals years of service. Read on to find 17 tips and tricks, and learn about what you should and shouldn’t wash, efficient loading, and routine maintenance.

Nutribullet NBI50100 Immersion Blender

Horizontal top-down image of a narrow handheld kitchen appliance next to a whisk accessory on a marble slate and white towel.

The Nutribullet Immersion Blender has a lot to offer in the hand of a home cook. With variable speed controls ranging from low to high and with multiple accessories included, prep work will be easy. Go with the standard option, or choose the deluxe package to upgrade your purchase. Read our review now.

Get Your Seasonings in Order: The Best Spice Racks

Horizontal close-up image of a metal organizer with rows of jarred seasonings with metal lids.

Looking for the best spice rack? One that will keep everything organized? Foodal’s got you covered, with reviews of the best models. Once you discover how to efficiently organize your seasonings, you’ll have a lot more fun cooking and baking instead of rummaging around the whole time. Check out all of the options now.

Nutribullet Pro 900

Horizontal image of the Nutribullet blender and its accessories next to bowls of fresh berries.

Wish you had a simple but powerful appliance for your morning smoothies? Looking for an option that’s small, for personal use? Consider the Nutribullet Pro 900 blender. As long as you operate this inverted model with care, it makes short work of tougher ingredients. Check out our complete review now.

Chinese Vegetable Cleavers: How to Choose and Use These Agile Chef’s Knives

Horizontal image of a circle created with knives on a wooden board.

The Chinese vegetable cleaver is a nimble knife that can be used for a variety of cutting tasks. From preparing vegetables to finely slicing meats, it’s a versatile tool that makes prep work quick and easy. Join us for a closer look as we explore our top suggestions, how to use it, and what features to consider.

How to Use Your Refrigerator’s Crisper Drawers

Horizontal image of a hand opening the door to a bin in the fridge full of produce.

Refrigerator crisper bins aren’t just convenient catch-alls. They’re humidity-controlled compartments designed to help extend the life of the fruits and vegetables stored in them. But some types of produce should never be stored together. Read on to find out how to use your crisper drawers as the manufacturer intended.

Foodal’s Top Tools for Baking Bread

Horizontal image of assorted baked goods next to a bench scraper with a wooden handle.

Are you ready to dip your toes in making bread from scratch? Not sure how to begin, or what to buy? Our guide to the top tools will provide everything you need, to ensure that you’re prepped and ready to go. From those staple necessities to the finer luxuries, we’ve got it all covered. Read more now.

7 of the Best Roasting Pans: What to Look For and How to Choose

Horizontal image of a rectangular metal cookware with slices of cooked pork loin on top of vegetables and herbs with silverware on the side.

Large and sturdy, a good-quality roaster is a versatile piece of cookware for daily use and for entertaining. They’re ideal for cooking large proteins, assorted veggies, and one-pan meals or stews as well. Read our guide to the best roasting pans to learn about all the features and materials, and choose your favorite.

Foodal’s Favorite Cookbooks and Food Reads for Holiday Gift Giving

A Santa hat is arranged on top of a pile of books with pastel-colored covers, on a chair draped with a gray blanket with fringe, in front of a Christmas tree.

Which delicious reads are on your holiday shopping list? Cookbook and culinary enthusiasts will love our roundup of top picks for the holiday season, and they’re perfect for gifting. For the citrus lover, world traveler, cooking newbie, or seasoned chef, there is something for everyone in our list. Read more now.

Top Holiday Gift Ideas for the Food and Drink Lover

Horizontal image of assorted presents wrapped with colorful wrapping papers and bows.

Looking for a holiday gift to delight the food lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place! From edible or drinkable treats to subscription boxes to must-have appliances, utensils, gadgets, and more, we’ve got it all and we’re eager to share. Learn about our top picks and where to find them now on Foodal.

Decoration Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Horizontal image of a dining table covered in tablecloth with pumpkin and candle centerpieces.

Thanksgiving is the best opportunity to decorate a beautifully themed table that displays the delicious food you’ll be serving while also showing your appreciation for your loved ones. From big centerpieces to small napkin holders, you have so many options to consider. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas now.