Florence, Alabama: Nashville Road Trip

Florence, Alabama

I hope I’ll never forget the moment when, working on the back porch with Tim, our computers in our laps, I heard his phone buzz and, without thinking, reached for it, glanced at the screen and read his text out loud. “‘Matthew’ says you’re confirmed for a night in Florence, Alabama?” Even as I read …

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A Week of Food and Sightseeing in Austin, Texas

while most people go to Austin for the creativity, the food, the music, the shock value (“Keep Austin Weird”), we went to get away to someplace new where it would also, conveniently, be ridiculously easy to eat well. Read more now!

Food and Fun in Pensacola, Florida Over a Weekend

From raw honey to artisan bread to wholesale seafood, there’s a lot more to Pensacola than turquoise waters and miles of white sand. Here’s a look at what we found to love in The Emerald City, which is home to great food as well title-holder for being America’s oldest settlement. We made the plans to visit …

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Curried Spaghetti Squash Bisque at The Hermitage

Curried Spaghetti Squash Bisque

Noticing the season that surrounds us with a picnic, a soup recipe, and a video, taken at The Hermitage in Nashville. The bisque is a creamy squash soup with the warming spices of curry. So good, so tasty, and perfect for fall.

Greenville Anniversary Trip, Part One

When we arrived in Greenville Monday night, it was with a lot of balls in the air. Those of you who read our newsletter know that the last few weeks have been busy ones for us. We’ve been working extra hours in our freelance gigs, we’ve had a lot of social events to attend, we’ve …

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Day Trip: Asheville

Wednesday, Tim and I spent our first five waking hours driving, through twists and turns and mountain ranges, to Asheville, North Carolina. Just before we left, while I was packing a bag of toiletries in the bathroom, my hair still wet and the window letting in cool morning air, Tim came in and said “I …

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Our Nashville

Although Tim’s lived in Nashville almost four years longer than I have, we both consider ourselves transplants—he from Ohio and me from Illinois. As born and bred Midwesterners, we can tell you this town’s a whole lot bigger than Dayton and much easier to navigate than Chicago; the weather’s nice, especially this time of year; …

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Weekend Getaway: Louisville, KY

Every time we drive home to Ohio or Chicago, we make a pit stop in Louisville—but it wasn’t until Tim’s birthday that a stop became a visit. Arriving Thursday afternoon and leaving Saturday night, here’s what we did with just over 48 hours in the city that everybody’s talking about. We lost an hour while …

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Charleston + Savannah

Tim and I spent this past long weekend in Charleston and Savannah, with my brother, who flew down from Chicago and met us there. We’d booked the tickets back in October, when Southwest ran a deal that turned the total cost of two round-trip flights into a price lower than my dream cardigan (half that, …

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