Florida Vacation in Bradenton Beach

A wooden dock over aqua calm waters, with a blue sky and gray wispy clouds in the background.

Join us for a four-day vacation in Bradenton Beach, Florida, enjoying the water and the good eats, plus thoughts on change and time. Read more on Foodal.

Dole Salad Summit in Monterey

On this cold, clear blue day, the ground beneath my feet is damp, muddy, covered with bruised leaves and discarded cores, and I have to concentrate on each step to make sure my shoes don’t slip. It’s morning, the time of day when this work is usually done, although it typically begins hours before the …

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Saturday at the Nashville Flea Market

I plan to make this flea market a regular practice in my Nashville life, if only for the excitement of never knowing what you’ll find or what a great price you’ll get it for– the vendors welcome bargaining, and, as any antiquer or thrifter will tell you: that’s half the fun. Read more now!

A Weekend with Travel Oregon

An image showing a faraway waterfall on the side of a high mountain.

Recent press trip to Portland, Oregon, and the areas surrounding it. Read here on what you can expect from your visit to Oregon. Here you will learn how to enjoy the place and what it can offer. Check it out now on Foodal.

Pizza at Porta Via Italian Kitchen

A close up image of a menu of Portavia Italian Kitchen.

Porta Via Italian Kitchen celebrates its VPN certification with a night of pizza tastings. A place for pizza lovers, tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, with live music and free samples. Read more on now.

Sunday at the Christkindlmarket in Chicago

An image of tall Christmas tree against a background of skyscrapers.

What to do on a weekend? Here’s an idea. Spending a Sunday afternoon embracing a Chicago tradition of German food in red and white tents, next to a giant Christmas tree. To learn more about this escapade, check it out on Foodal.

Meet Me in St. Louis!

The steeple of the Cathedral Basilica in Saint Louis.

Just over 24 hours in Saint Louis was enough time to see sights, walk parks and find two restaurants to enjoy. This place is one of the best option for weekend getaways. A lot of great spots to visit. Check it out on Foodal.

3 Days in North Carolina: Sights, Eats, & More

An image of an isolated pathway in a park.

Want to learn how to have the best experience in North Carolina for your next visit? We will let you have a look on ow we did it in 3 days in NC: where we stayed, what we ate, the stuff we saw. Read more on Foodal.

The Best Foodie Afternoon in Madison, WI

An image of the Capitol Building from afar.

Three blog friends. Wisconsin’s capitol city. Good food, good pictures, good day. What else would you think would be best to do in an afternoon in Madison? Read more on how we did it. Check it out on Foodal.