15 Barbecue Grilling Safety Tips You Need to Know

Horizontal image of a thermometer inserted in meat while preparing a BBQ outside while using tongs.

Don’t crack open a beer and fire up the grill just yet. Accidents can occur if you don’t follow the right procedures or take all the necessary precautions for barbecuing. In this guide, review our 15 safety tips so that everyone in attendance will have a fun, and safe, time spent outside. Read more now.

Portable Gas BBQ Grills: Great Food on Location

Horizontal image of women preparing burgers on a barbecue.

Planning to hit the beach, go camping, enjoy a tailgating party, get out to the lake, or take some other kind of outdoor trip? Consider bringing a portable gas grill! Review our top choices for this convenient cooking appliance now, and learn about all the features to consider before you purchase. Read more now.

The Best Full-Sized Gas BBQ Grills for Your Patio or Backyard

The Best Full-Sized Gas BBQ Grills for Your Patio or Backyard | Foodal.com

With the arrival of nice weather, our minds naturally turn to outdoor grilling. It’s fun, easy, and economical. But if your old BBQ isn’t up to snuff, you’ll be stuck in a hot kitchen instead of playing outside. The good news is, we’ve reviewed six of the best gas grills on the market for you – in all price ranges. Plus, we cover other topics including liquid propane and natural gas, infrared grilling, and calculating heat flux, so you can enjoy an outstanding grilling season!

Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grills: Picking the Best for Your Budget

The Best Charcoal Barbecue Grills on the Market Today | Foodal.com

Looking for a new grill for your backyard, deck or patio? Check out this guide – it’s guaranteed to be the most comprehensive on the net to assist you in your search for your new full sized charcoal-based grilling machine. From kettles to kamados, we look at all of the options. Get the Foodal’s in depth guide now.

Primo Oval XL 400 Ceramic Grill and Smoker: Big, Bad, and Beautiful

The Primo XL 400 Ceramic Kamado Grill and Smoker in a backyard setting.

Longing to turn your backyard into a full kitchen? The Primo Oval XL Ceramic Grill offers the ultimate in cooking versatility. It’s a smoker, oven, and grill in one high-quality package. A plethora of available accessories make it even more flexible – and you can cook for a crowd. Read our review now.

The Portable Kitchen PK360 Grill: Tradition Gets an Update

A Silver PK Grill 360 in a backyard setting.

Cook outdoors with the PK Grills PK360 champion-level grill and smoker combination. This high-quality thick aluminum cast oven has incredible temperature control and increased cooking area. If you’re in the market for an outstanding grill and smoker combination, keep reading to see why this one is well worth the consideration.

5 Grilling Techniques to Perk Up Your BBQ

4 Grilling Techniques to Perk Up Your BBQ | Foodal.com

Want to learn a few basics to spruce up your barbecuing endeavors? Learn the basics of smoking, planking, marinating, and pizza on the grill. Check out these great ideas and get grilling now.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your BBQ Equipment

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Barbeque Grill | Foodal.com

Maintaining your grill need not be such challenge that it prevents you from using it simply because you fear the cleanup. It need not be that hard and the surfaces DO NOT require perfection in cleanliness to provide you a germ free cooking surface. Simple steps performed each and every time you cook go a long way in keeping your gear ready. Read our tips on how clean, sanitize, and maintain your barbequing equipment the simple and easy way.

Is Grilling the Healthiest Cooking Method?

Is Grilling the Healthiest Cooking Method? | Foodal.com

Want to improve your health and make sure that your grilling techniques are up to snuff? Worried that you are inadvertently turning this healthy cooking technique into something not quite so healthy? Read Foodal’s guide to make sure that you are using proper techniques.

American Barbecue: History and Local Tastes

Cultural Roots of the American Barbeque | Foodal.com

From the pork based and slaw slinging East Coast to the dry rubbed beef briskets of the Texas plains, BBQ is truly an American cuisine. What are the regional tastes throughout the US and how did they evolve? Read now to find out.

Charcoal or Gas: A Griller’s Dilemma

Charcoal vs Gas BBW Grills

One of the first steps in selecting a new grill is to decide if you want charcoal or gas heated unit (or perhaps a combo). Each of these fuel sources has its pros and cons and it can be a difficult choice. Would you rather have more convenience and have the ability to flick the flame on with a twist of dial and give up a little flavor? Or would you rather take a little more time in prepping and cleaning but have an excellent wood fired taste imparted to your food?