Sani-Tuff T45 Rubber Cutting Boards: A Top Choice for Any Home Chef

Horizontal image of slicing into a raw piece of meat while wearing gloves in front of fresh herbs.

Searching for a durable and antimicrobial cutting board, one that will be able to handle constant use in the home kitchen? Choose among the range of size, shape, and thickness options in the Sani-Tuff T45 line of sturdy rubber cutting boards. Read more now for the full review, and learn what makes this brand unique.

Chinese Vegetable Cleavers: How to Choose and Use These Agile Chef’s Knives

Horizontal image of a circle created with knives on a wooden board.

The Chinese vegetable cleaver is a nimble knife that can be used for a variety of cutting tasks. From preparing vegetables to finely slicing meats, it’s a versatile tool that makes prep work quick and easy. Join us for a closer look as we explore our top suggestions, how to use it, and what features to consider.

The Smoothest Slice: How to Choose the Best Mandoline

Horizontal image of a woman prepping cucumbers.

With so many different styles, choosing the best mandoline can be an overwhelming task. From safety to slicing variety, there are many needs to consider. But we’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Read about our top picks for basic and multi-use slicer models to help determine which tool is right for you.

The Best Meat Cleavers: Chop Your Protein the Easy Way

Oblique profile of eight different top rated meat cleavers on a wooden prep table.

To save your fine cutting tools, use a robust meat cleaver instead. With a large blade and ample weight, these big boys make short work of challenging foods – they dress ribs, chop up whole chickens, lop coconuts, or hew clean through a melon in one fell swoop. Check out our complete buying guide right here on Foodal.

The Chef’s Knife: A Multi-Purpose Masterpiece

The Chef's Knife - How to Select the Best for Your Needs |

If you’d like to amp up your cooking skills, with more enjoyment making meals, having a few good knives on hand is essential. And a well-crafted, versatile chef’s knife is truly a must. A chef’s knife is the home cook’s equivalent of a Swiss Army knife – it’s ready and willing to perform any task it is given.

The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives: the Ultimate Buying Guide

Japanese Kitchen Knife Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you considering investing in a beautiful Japanese kitchen knife, but not sure which style will suit your needs? Join us as we explore the many specialized knives available, and their specific functions. We’ve also covered the super steels used in their construction, how the blades are composed for their storied sharpness, handles and grind, sharpening techniques, and also touch on how their stunning appearances are achieved!

How to Use and Choose the Best Mezzaluna for Your Kitchen

How to Choose and Use the Best Mezzaluna for Your Kitchen |

A simple tool for mincing and chopping, the mezzaluna is convenient and fun to use. In no time, you can create mountains of minced herbs and prep everything you’ll need for your favorite chopped salad. Plus, it’s a great tool for bakers as well. Learn everything you need to know about how to use and choose a mezzaluna, with our favorite picks. Read more now on Foodal.

The 11 Best Slicing and Carving Knives for the Home or Pro Kitchen

Oblique shot of a group of slicing and carving knives on a wooden table top. Selective focus.

For some serious oohs and ahhs at your next dinner party, carve your roast or turkey at the table with a slicing knife designed for the task. You’ll love how the flexible blade creates smooth, made-to-suit portions just like a professional chef would. We’ve done the testing for you– get all the details now on Foodal.