How to Use and Choose the Best Mezzaluna for Your Kitchen

How to Choose and Use the Best Mezzaluna for Your Kitchen |

A simple tool for mincing and chopping, the mezzaluna is convenient and fun to use. In no time, you can create mountains of minced herbs and prep everything you’ll need for your favorite chopped salad. Plus, it’s a great tool for bakers as well. Learn everything you need to know about how to use and choose a mezzaluna, with our favorite picks. Read more now on Foodal.

Chinese Vegetable Cleavers: How to Choose and Use These Agile Chef’s Knives

Choosing the Best Chinese Vegetable Cleaver |

The Chinese vegetable cleaver is a spry and nimble knife that can be used for a variety of cutting tasks. From delicate peeling and chopping of veggies to fine-slicing meats, it’s a versatile and convenient tool that makes prep work quick and easy. Join us for a closer look at this nimble blade, as we explore how to use it and what features to look for.

Bread Knives: Serrated Sensations For the Home Cook

The Best Bread Knife for Your Home |

A good bread knife is a versatile blade that makes slicing loaves, tomatoes, and other foods a joyous exercise. But inferior ones create the opposite experience – mountains of crumbs, torn and ripped bread, or massive, uneven slices are all common results of blades with poor designs and cheap materials. Join us for a look at how these sawtooth sensations work, what types of serrations are best, how to sharpen them, and our recommendations for the models that give the best performance – and value!

The Best Kitchen Knife Sets: Slice Your Way Into Cooking Today!

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife Sets |

Few things are as important for the home cook, or professional chef, than a good set of knives – they’re invaluable tools essential for the daily preparation of your meals. And while many cooking websites dismiss the idea of buying a set in favor of buying individual pieces, there’s nothing wrong with getting a good set. Providing you know what to look for. Read this guide to find out more now.