Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station Review

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Those of us in the who cook on a regular basis know that quality tools are the life blood of the kitchen. Although they don’t make a cook “better,” they significantly make life easier for those who prepare food.

To serve well, a took must be regularly maintained and a knife is at the top of the list when it comes to this required chore.

Not only is a sharp knife much easier to use as it requires less force for slicing and chopping, a keen edge cuts the food “prettier” but more importantly it is a safety issue as a dull blade can easily catch and when more pressure is applied, the tension can be released quite suddenly and sometimes causing the instrument to stab or slice the user.

The Chef’s Choice Sharpening Station is a great solution to this irritating a nagging chore.

This is a fabulous knife sharpening system for your kitchen, utility, fishing, or even serrated knives when you really need to quickly and easily sharpen a knife allowing you to put a keen edge on a dull blade in a matter of a minute or two with no special jigs, stones, or years of practice.

This machine is perfect for the sharpening novice as the knife is held in place and you have the edge of the blade at the perfect angle every time instead of having to guess and practice on your fine cutlery.

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

The Professional Sharpening Station uses 100% Diamond Hone abrasives in its first stage for a quick and sharp edge.

The sharpener has three different stages for sharpening any kind of blade easily and quickly with the second and third stage being used for a wide variety of edge types.

The Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station has three stages for sharpening knives with two of them being run off a motor inside the station and the second being sharpening steel for kitchen knives.

The motor is easily shut on and off with the switch on the front on the sharpening station and the entire unit is solidly built and very steady while using.

The first is a 100% diamond sharpener for really sharp blades the first time every time.

The second stage is a steel for sharpening blades just like the professional sharpening steels used by chefs to create that razor sharp edge with small teeth for perfect kitchen cutting.

The third stage is a stropping disc that also spins like the first stage to create a hair splitting sharpness to blades and especially your serrated knives.

To sharpen blades you have to first figure out which stages to use for the blade and then using the guides along each side you pull the blade through the guide in a smooth clean motion.

For a regular kitchen knife that you want to have a nice clean cutting edge for regular use you would use the first stage and either the second or third.

The first will sharpen the blade while the second would give it that small teeth edge for great cutting in the kitchen.

If you want an edge for smooth and clean cutting, like a filet knife, the stropping action of stage three would be best after you initially sharpen the blade in stage one.

For a serrated knife you would only use the stage three stropping to sharpen the very edge of the serrations.

If you sharpened the serrated knife with stage one or two you would be taking off the serrated teeth of the knife.

The stages are a great way to combine the effects of various types of sharpening for a knife blade into a unique and complete sharpening system.

You can sharpen virtually any knife blade as long as you want the same precision angle that results from the guides along each side of the various stages.

The guides are plastic guides that hold the knife blade against the sides for the perfect angle every time.

I tried out the station on several knives and I can attest to the sharpness of the knives after using this professional quality sharpening system.

I used several kitchen knives, a couple of pocket knives and a few utility knives and received very sharp blades every time.

Sharpening serrated knives can be a bit tricky as some have the angle on one side but a quick look at the blade is all you need. Click here to read real customer reviews of this fine device.

The first stage gives a nice clean edge for blades while the third stage with its softer stropping pads gives a nice finish polish to the edge.

The second stage steel is simply a short steel like kitchen steels where its main purpose is to remove the “burr” or thin wire edge created with the first stage.

However, it is so much easier to use than a steel – particular if you are brand knew to cooking and don’t want to take the time to develop this particular skill set (and why should you? You want to cook not operate a garage).

There is no worry about the station wearing out after several uses or having to replace the abrasive blades.

The steel and 100% Diamond Hone discs are going to last a long time as they are very hard steel and the diamond disc has a coating of diamond abrasives on it that are harder than the steel it is grinding.

The third stage stropping pads will also last a long time and come complete with a built in dressing tool that you should use sparingly as it does flatten and take of some material off the pad when used.

This will make the pad wear down quicker if used often and does not really need to be used all that much except when the pads do not sharpen the blades any more.

The manual that comes with the station says you should only need to dress the pads about once a year during normal home use.

You can also clean out the first stage sharpening by removing the cover and magnet that collects the metal debris from the initial sharpening of your blades.

The magnet will collect the bits of metal and you can easily pick off the majority of this by hand and replace the plug when done.

You can also shake out the inside but I found not much to accumulate inside near the Diamond Hone abrasive pads after sharpening several blades.

The magnet did a great job of collecting the metal dust from the area around the Diamond Hone pads.

In reviewing the Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station, I have found that it is the perfect knife sharpening system for a great and sharp knife – particularly for the novice users.

It may cost a bit more than other sharpeners, especially those hand held ones but it is a professional quality station.

This will give new life into old knives and sharpen every knife you have and thought was no good, or almost every one. It’s also available in different colors to suit your décor – black, white, platinum, and brushed metal.

The Chef’s Choice parent company EdgeCraft will service their products and will replace pads, repair and clean the station for you.

You can have the station cleaned, new pads installed and inspected by the company for a minor charge that is a nice additional service for your quality sharpening station.

They will inspect the unit upon receiving it and call you with an estimate of how much it will cost for repair and service before fixing or cleaning it.

I highly recommend the Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station for that great sharpening every time on almost any knife blade with the exception of my very hard Japanese Kitchen Knives that require a delicate touch with a variety of water stones and are much harder (and brittle) and are ground at a shallower angle than any western knives.

However, if you are like 99.999% of the rest of world and use western style chef’s knives, then the Chef’s choice would be a wise investment.

If you’re tired of trying to sharpen with those lesser quality and cheaper hand held sharpeners and want quick and professional results in minutes look no further than Chef’s Choice.

This is one product that will see plenty of use in my household and already has seen a good deal to start with.

For preventative knife maintenance, you should also look into a cutting board that imparts little damage to the blade every time you slice into it – some are much better than others and a good knife friendly cutting board will keep your blades in tip top condition and allow them to remain serviceable for much longer.

Have questions? Ask away in the comments or see all Foodal’s knife sharpening guides and review.


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13 thoughts on “Chef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station Review”

  1. I cannot believe how easy and quick this looks to use. I occasionally sharpen a knife the old fashioned away with a couple of stones.

    I have put this on my wish list for a member of my family to buy me on a birthday of Christmas.

  2. This is something i ought to list down on my future budget list…like PhilA above, sharpening is either done on stone or crossing fingers that a vendor will pass down the street with his knife sharpening tools and i ‘ll grab that opportune moment to brandish my worn out knives to his face with pleading eyes and a bargain chip in my mind…in regard to how much the whole service will cost, getting this knife sharpening station will put me at ease i believe 🙂

  3. This knife sharpener looks so easy to use. I have to get me one of these. Honing with a hand held device is such a hassle. This machine would sure make things a lot easier for me in the kitchen.

  4. I’ve read before that sharpening low-quality knives doesn’t work. Does anyone know if this is true? Sadly, all I have are low-quality knives and I’ve never used a sharpener. The best chef’s knife I have right now is a cheap one and it is getting extremely dull. Would a knife sharpener do anything for a ~$10 knife?

    My birthday is coming up. I think I’ll ask my mom to get me a real knife 😀

  5. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have a huge problem with the quility of my knives since I tend to just use them until they’re dull and get a new one. This is costly and totally stupid. Be a novice, I’m looking forward to giving this a shot. I’d really be interested in reading other product reviews for kitchen appliances.

  6. I’m considering buying this for my mother as a Christmas gift. I still live with her, and I frequently pester her for cooking tips. She also has tons of knives to sharpen, and seeing her use the stone for a long time makes me worry for her safety, especially with such sharp knives. I think this will be a great addition to the kitchen, and it will definitely make her life a little easier. Thank you!

  7. My husband uses a wet rock to sharpen not only his pocket knife, but a few of his fillet knives as well. I on the other hand have a knife sharpener we bought for walmart. It’s not the best I have to pull the blade through the sharpener myself. So this one looks like it would be much easier as well as more effective in getting the job done.

  8. This might be exactly what I need for a set of vintage Cutco knives that I have. Many of them I don’t use that often, but I feel that the blades could be a bit sharper. Years ago, my dad had an electric knife sharpener. I have no idea where it might be, and it only sharpened one knife at a time. I suppose it is time to buy a sharpening system of my own, this one looks small enough to be able to store neatly away in a cabinet.

  9. I have a manual sharpener that has both the fine & coarse sides. Now, it’s not that the sharpener is a bad one because my knives are pretty sharp. It’s just that I seem to get a better feel with sharpening steel. I always thought I should try an electric sharpener before I give up on them though. It might be me that’s faulty.

  10. This is something I could definitely use. My knives are far from new, but they are good quality. Well, some of them are, so I’d like to hang onto those. I’ve never been very good at sharpening them. This would take the trouble out of doing so.

    Thanks for the review. Good to know which products are worth considering. It’s also a good reminder that I really need to do something with my knives.

  11. We usually bring our knives (and scissors) to a cosmetics shop to have them sharpened -yes, as weird as it is, a cosmetics shop. But then again, it ain’t efficient to always do that -it’s kinda expensive, like $5 per knife/scissors. So, I guess it’s time to buy this to use for a longer time.

  12. I am all about making life easier in the kitchen. I love to cook..but if I don’t have the right tools it can be a daunting task to say the least. I use to just go out and buy new knives if they lost the sharpness that I wanted…but my friend was like why don’t you just invest in a good sharpener. I was like…oh yeah..duh. I invested in a little cheap knife sharpener from Walmart and it was a life saver. I would encourage anyone to just get the sharpener…not new knives.. because the fact of the matter is you will be doing that every month or so. Great post..because someone could be in the dark about knife sharpeners like I was.

  13. Had anyone used a manual one like Kitchen Knife Sharpener – Diamond Rod Complete 3-stage Knife Sharpener CS-T01?


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