13 Clever Ideas to Find Kitchen Space You Didn’t Know You Had!

Looking for a bit of extra space in your kitchen?

Metal Spice Rack | Foodal.com

Silly question, I know – when it comes to kitchens, finding more storage is on pretty much everyone’s wish list.

But if your cabinets are full and the countertops already overflowing, where will the extra area come from?

Well, there’s a few simple ways to create space you didn’t think you had. Going vertical is always a good idea, and so is taking advantage of unused areas like cabinet ends, or putting up a few strategically placed shelves or racks.

If you’re feeling the storage pinch, here are 13 smart ideas to utilize space you may not have thought of before – and all can be achieved without having to completely renovate the kitchen!

1. Add a Freestanding Kitchen Island

Even in a small kitchen, adding a movable island or butcher’s block stand can address a lack of area for both countertops and cupboards.

Portable Wood Kitchen Island | Foodal.com

Islands with casters can be pulled into place quickly when you’re cooking, providing precious extra counter space. When your prep work is done, simply wheel it into an out of the way spot when not in use.

We like this midsized Catskill Craftsmen option that is sold through Amazon

Not only do you get more counter area, an island with open shelving or an enclosed cabinet gives more storage as well.

2. Install Pot Racks

A fabulous way to display your pots, pans, and other pieces of cookware, a pot rack (or racks) may also free up valuable cabinet room.

Short on cabinet storage and shelf space? Try our simple tips, tricks, and suggestions for finding and creating more space without having to renovate the whole kitchen: https://foodal.com/kitchen/general-kitchenware/guides-general-kitchenware/find-more-kitchen-space/

Mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling, they come in a variety of styles – like stainless steel bars or mesh boxes – and can be found in all sizes from small to large.

Cuisinart CRBS-36B Chef’s Classic 36-Inch Rectangular Wall-Mount Bookshelf Rack

Often times these are made of cheaper materials. We like those made by Cuisinart, not because of the brand name but because they are made of thick, heavy gauge metal.

Cuisinart CRC-29B Octagonal Hanging Cookware Rack

And if you don’t like stainless, the wall mounted versions are also available in oiled bronze, shiny copper, and black.

3. Use A Hanging Bar

A hanging bar is easy to install on either a wall or the underside of upper cupboards.

Hanging Pan Rack | Foodal.com

Like racks, bars come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be used for pots, frying pans, colanders, utensils, kitchen towels, oven mitts, gadgets… pretty much anything you can think of!

Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack available on Amazon

It’s important to note: if you plan to install one of these beneath a cupboard, do be sure to check the screw length – you don’t want the sharp tips poking through to the interior.

4. Put Up Open Shelving

Going vertical is a genius way of creating extra storage space, and open shelves can be put up anywhere that there’s a free area.

Wooden Kitchen Shelf for Extra Storage | Foodal.com

Install open shelves above upper cupboards, on cabinet ends, over windows, or on any available patch of wall.

You can make your own and cut the length to suit your space, or buy prefabricated kits with brackets and shelving included, in stainless steel, wood, wire, or laminate.

5. Don’t Forget About Good Old Pegboard

Back in the day, Julia Child popularized the very clever idea of using pegboard in the kitchen to hold an array of pots, pans, and utensils – and it’s still a great organizer today.

Organizing Kitchen Tools and Utensils with Pegboard | Foodal.com
Galvanized steel pegboard adds a decorative design element, and extra storage space.

Easy to cut and mount, a pegboard is perfect for use on the ends of cupboards and cabinets, or for any unused wall expanse. Strong and sturdy, it can handle any size or shape of cookware or utensils, including heavy items like a cast iron skillet.

Wall Control 30-KTH-200 RBU Kitchen Pegboard Organizer available on Amazon

Leave it unfinished, or paint it to complement your kitchen. And if you want to get super organized like Julia, outline where each piece will live with a permanent market – you’ll always know the exact spot it should be returned to.

If you’re looking for a modern update to this old gem, sleek galvanized steel pegboards are available in a variety of sizes, and come in different colors as well.

6. Use Cookware Racks for Big, Flat Items

Large, flattish items like cutting boards, baking sheets and tins, racks, and platters are all awkward to store, and they always seem to take up more than their fair share of storage area.

YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack  available from Amazon

An easy solution is to pick up an adjustable bakeware rack – they’re incredibly handy for organizing these oversized items and making the most of available cabinet room.

7. Undershelf Pantry Baskets

Another handy way to take advantage of underutilized cupboard space is with the use of undershelf pantry baskets.

InterDesign York Lyra Kitchen Pantry Under Shelf Organizer Basket

Two arms slip over an existing shelf and an open-ended basket sits firmly underneath, offering a spot to cache a variety of objects from home-canned goods to onions to packaged pasta.

A smart solution for shelves that don’t adjust, pantry baskets can be bought singly or as a set, with sizes ranging from small baskets to matching large bins.

Look for ones that have a large mesh so you can see the contents at a glance.

8. Stacking Shelves or Trays

Stacking shelves or trays are another good option for creating additional space in cabinets that don’t have the option of adjusting the shelf height.

InterDesign York Lyra Kitchen Cabinet Expandable Shelf available on Amazon

Place in any existing cupboard or cabinet over pieces of cookware, and you’ll instantly have another level of storage.

9. Use Door Rack Holders

Handy for freeing up drawer space and clearing up clutter, rack-style holders are quick and easy to attach to the inside of a cabinet or pantry door.

DecoBros Over Cabinet Door Organizer Holder available on Amazon

Available in numerous shapes and sizes, they’re brilliant for holding pot lids, kitchen wraps, and sandwich bags, paper towels, and so on.

Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder available on Amazon

Easy to mount, some units will require attachment to the door with a couple of screws, while some models simply slip and clip over the top of a door.

10. Put Up a Knife Bar

Another smart idea for freeing up a drawer or countertop space, a magnetic knife bar is a convenient option for kitchen knives and utensils.

Short on storage space in the kitchen? Check out our simple tips, tricks, and suggestions to find more without renovating the whole kitchen: https://foodal.com/kitchen/general-kitchenware/guides-general-kitchenware/find-more-kitchen-space/

They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on a wall, cabinet, or back splash close to your work station. As a bonus, your knives will stay sharper longer – and they make a striking display!

Walnut 16″ Magnetic Knife Strip

Available on Amazon in both stainless steel and in natural wood.

For more knife storage tips, be sure to check out Foodal’s in depth guide.

11. Look Up – Waaay Up

The tops of upper cupboards often offer up some untapped kitchen real estate as well.

Especially for the shorter chefs among us, this is an often overlooked space – and hunting around for storage options in these areas is also a great opportunity to clean your kitchen cabinets!

Whitmor Rattique Shelf Tote available on Amazon

Wire or wicker baskets and plastic bins all tuck nicely into the space between cupboard tops and the ceiling. It’s an ideal spot to hold items that are only used on occasion or seasonally like canning or camping gear, a picnic basket, or party supplies.

Remember to measure the available space before picking up baskets or bins – you want to be sure they’ll fit!

12. Think Skinny with a Pull-Out Pantry Rack

If you have any narrow spaces, like between the fridge and a cabinet end, a pull-out pantry rack is a brilliant gadget.

Slim Slide-Out 5-Tier Storage Tower available on Amazon

These slender racks are only about 5 or 6 inches wide, and they’re mounted on casters to easily slide in and out of place. They offer several tiers to hold bottles, packaged and canned goods, or cleaning supplies – clever indeed for small kitchens.

13. Use A Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Going vertical again, a wall mounted spice rack is a simple solution to free up cupboard space, and keeps your spices organized as well.

AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack in Cherry

Available in a myriad of sizes, styles, and shapes, you can check out our review of the best spice racks for a primer on features to look for, and some inspiration.

Putting A Nail in It

Isn’t it great to know you can create more storage space in your kitchen in just an hour or two, without renovations?

You can take advantage of any unused space with shelves, bars, pull-out stands, and door racks. They’re all quick and easy solutions to create more storage, seemingly out of thin air!

Ensure that you use the proper tools and equipment to safely anchor racks, bars, or shelves in place, as cookware and jars can add a lot of weight. Brackets need to be securely mounted to wall studs, or use heavy duty self-drilling anchors for drywall – not the lightweight tap-in ones.

Portable Kitchen Island | Foodal.com

Now it’s your turn, readers – what are some of your favorite ideas for making more space in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below. Your tips are always appreciated!

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