15 Barbecue Grilling Safety Tips You Need to Know

Horizontal image of a thermometer inserted in meat while preparing a BBQ outside while using tongs.

Don’t crack open a beer and fire up the grill just yet. Accidents can occur if you don’t follow the right procedures or take all the necessary precautions for barbecuing. In this guide, review our 15 safety tips so that everyone in attendance will have a fun, and safe, time spent outside. Read more now.

15+ Essentials for the Perfectly Packed Picnic Basket

Horizontal image of a packed picnic basket with a checkered red and white towel on a countertop.

Trekking into nature to enjoy an outdoor meal is a favorite warm-weather activity, but forgetting an item or two can put a damper on the fun. For the best possible picnic experience, consult our checklist to ensure a perfectly packed basket before heading out. Read more now to learn all about our suggested essentials.

How to Prevent the Soggy Muffin Bottom Blues

Horizontal closeup image of a halved blueberry pastry with butter spread on one side, with fresh blueberries on a wooden cutting board.

Few things are as tantalizing as a batch of muffins fresh from the oven. But it can be a real downer to break one open to discover pockets of gluey batter or sunken fruit swimming in a pudding-like puddle. For a fine crumb throughout with a sumptuous texture, keep reading to learn how to prevent soggy muffin bottoms.

9 Essential Tips for Cooking with Wine

Horizontal image of a chef pouring wine into a pot with chopped vegetables while preparing a meal.

Cooking with wine can add an extra dimension of flavor and fragrance to a wide variety of dishes. A splash of vino can be used in entrees and desserts, sauces, soups, for poaching fish, and far more. Not sure how to make the right choice for your recipe? Pour yourself a glass, and review our top nine tips right here.

13 Clever Ideas to Find Kitchen Space You Didn’t Know You Had

Horizontal image of assorted cooking gear and ingredients on a countertop.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, a universal complaint among home cooks is that there never seems to be enough storage area. Pots, pans, bakeware, and cookware can be large and bulky, and take up a lot of room. But you can easily create more storage space with one, or all, of our 13 clever ideas. Read more.

Breakfast Basics for Busy Days

Horizontal image of large brunch spread with fresh flowers and green napkins.

Mornings can be crazy and busy with not enough time to enjoy a nutritious meal before rushing off to work or school. But a few easy tweaks to your routines can ensure you start the day strong, with enough time for a healthy breakfast before heading out. To find out how, read more for our breakfast basics for busy days.

The 5 Best Cookware for One-Pot Meals

Horizontal image of a skillet filled with a mix of chicken and vegetables surrounded by lemons.

Easy to make with simple ingredients, comforting and hearty one-pot meals are considered to be the ultimate comfort food. But what kind of cookware do you need to make them? With versatile equipment like Dutch ovens and slow cookers, discover our five favorite options for this style of food preparation. Read more now.

Dinner Too Spicy? 5 Cooling Tips to Turn Down the Heat

Horizontal image of a metal fork piercing a flaming pepper with a black background.

A dish with too much spice can take on blazing intensity, making it unpalatable for all but the most hard-core of heat seekers. The good news? Even if your meal has become too hot to handle, it can be brought back from the brink of disaster! Check out our five best methods to save your dinner and your taste buds.

5 Sweet Solutions to Soften Brown Sugar (Plus Bonus Storage Tips!)

Horizontal image of a large spoonful and a bowlful of brown sugar.

Many varieties of brown sugar are a flavorful addition to baking, breakfast foods, and even savory dishes, adding a light caramel taste that’s not found in white varieties. However, after opening, it can dry out into unusable lumps or bricks… but it can be saved. Here are five sweet solutions to soften brown sugar.

19 of the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks

Horizontal top-down image of a complete Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Hosting a successful turkey day meal takes a lot of energy and effort, plus organization and plenty of prep work. To ensure everything comes together at the right time in the right way, and with extra time for you to enjoy your guests and delicious meal, plan ahead and read 19 of the best thanksgiving dinner hacks.

How to Host a Game Day Party

Horizontal image of an excited group of friends watching football at home while eating assorted food and drinking beer.

The season is winding down and your team is in the playoffs. And that’s an excellent excuse to get together with friends and family to cheer on your side while sharing tasty eats and a beverage or two. Win or lose, you can enjoy good food, good company, and good times with our easy tips on how to host a game day party.

7 Simple Ways to Cook Perfect Fish Every Time

Horizontal image of two whole fish on a cutting board surrounded by tomatoes, herbs, citrus, and assorted seasonings.

Are you always stumped on how to prepare and cook fish? Do you tend to avoid the seafood section of your grocery store? Ditch your typical pork loin or chicken breasts for dinner tonight, and learn seven different and simple ways to cook perfect fish every time. We share our advice and recipe suggestions now.