5 Quick Ways To Organize A “Junk” Drawer

A friend calls to tell you they are going to drop by your house in five minutes. As you look around, you notice all the junk scattered through out the house.

A large amount of miscellaneous stuff shove into a drawer commonly referred to as the junk drawer

You then panic and grab as much as you can. With your hands overflowing, you run to that random drawer and quickly cram it all the junk you can in it. You then turn around, wipe the sweat off your brow, and breathe a sigh of relief. The junk drawer saved the day again.

Ever had this happen to you? Of course you have. Who honestly has not had a junk drawer within their home at one point in time?

It happens to us all. Most of us have one right now! But for something that plays a fixture in our home, as common to find as a microwave, how well do we really know our junk drawer?

What is in it? Do you have clue? That is my point. How can we as a society buy things if we have no idea what we actually have?

Can you be certain the tape you just bought, or tissue paper, is not at home crammed in a drawer?

We are in a recession (recovery?) folks! Now, more than ever, organization is the key to stretching a dollar. So, take the first step towards an organized life, get rid of the “junk” in the drawer today!

Here are 5 ways I have found to organize the “junk” drawer.

1. Dump it all onto a clean large surface that puts you in the way of daily activity.

The kitchen table or living-room floor are each a good example of surfaces you can use. They are large and typically clear of items. Also, most junk drawers are found in these highly used areas. Stay away from surfaces like the office desk, coffee table, or end table. You want somewhere that is often used. A place that will not allow you to get side tracked and leave it for days.

Rule of thumb here is, if leaving the stuff there you would force routine changes, then you are more likely to complete instead of avoid the task. Anywhere that creates a “complete instead of avoid” reaction is ideal for organizing.

2. Divide the items into “room” sections from which the item belongs.

I am a firm believer that 99% of the stuff in a junk drawer has an actual designated area, outside of the drawer, where it belongs. The other 1% is designated to the actual junk drawer itself. I know this is a hard concept to grasp, but the idea of the “junk” drawer is not all bad, in fact it is very sensible.

Problem is that most people create a “catch all” space out of it. And in my opinion, “catch all” spaces should always feel wrong. A designated area is the place each thing calls home. There is no right or wrong way to do this. In fact, you already have done it for most things.

Where is your toothbrush? The place that just came to mind is the designated place for toothbrushes. Then each designated place is in a room itself. Back, to the toothbrush. What room is that place for toothbrushes in? So, that means the bathroom is a “room” section. If you found toothbrushes in the drawer you would place it in the bathroom section of the stuff on the table.

If you have an object that you do not have a designated place for, then create one within the room you think it belongs. When in doubt think of the room you may be in when you need it. If that does not work and can not find anything that has a similar use, then you have the first item for designated for the “junk” drawer.

3. Get rid of the items that are actual JUNK!

If you would never use it, do not need another, or cannot determine its functional purpose then get rid of it. Donate it! Sell it! Trash it! Regardless the route you chose, the most important thing is to get rid of it. If it, the item itself, has not purpose or role within your life and home at this time (and you cannot foresee the need in the next 3 months), YOU DO NOT NEED IT!

4. Take each section of items to the room from which it belongs.

Take the items to their home and actually place it in its designated area. Do NOT just put in it the room and think you will finish putting it up later. Do NOT allow yourself to think that it is more important to get the surfaced cleared and the sections placed in their rooms before you put them in their designated areas. Follow though!

Take all the stuff for the bathroom to the bathroom and place each item in its spot. Then, go to the next room. If you do not do this you are more likely to forget and end up with more junk though out the house and recreate the beginning scenario.

5. Organize- the drawer, and “junk” that is designated to be in it!

Find a spot for each item in the drawer. Look around the house for anything, not already being used, that could serve as an organizational divider in the drawer. If you do not have one, buy one! (Always look at home for items that could work before you buy something!) Use something that has enough spots for the designated items you already have and room for two extras you may gain.

If the drawer only has room for the items designated for it you are less like to toss others in it. This helps remove the option of creating a “catch all” again, and promotes the habit of putting items back in their designated area after use.

Everything needed has a place and plays a role. Things that do not have a place/ purpose, and you can not come up with a functional one, you do not need it. This is a key concept that can be applied throughout life. Let us not forget, organization is not just cute boxes with multiple drawers or shelves with labeled folders. It is a simplified and functional approach to getting the most out of life.

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About Lynne Jaques

Lynne is a stay-at-home mother of two boys. As a former US military officer and the spouse of an active duty US military member, Lynne enjoys traveling the world (although not the moving part!) and finding new cuisine and methods of preparing food. She also has the habit of using parenthesis way too much!

67 thoughts on “5 Quick Ways To Organize A “Junk” Drawer”

  1. I have a lot of junk in my house. Enough to fill several drawers! How did junk drawers become a thing?! This is a good reminder that I should clean mine out. I always feel so good when I finish organizing everything in them. It would probably be a good idea to do away with the drawers completely but that is not likely to happen 🙂

    • I suppose junk drawers is a type of hoarding. I have several of them, I have managed to clean them out from time to time. I don’t think I would ever totally get rid of them. I mean it’s there for a reason, things that might and do come in handy. It’s a go to place when you need that one thing that you just may have in the mass of clutter. We call a junk drawer.

    • There’s a lot of junk in my junk drawer too. But it’s just way too convinient to stop using it, since I just throw all the stuff I might need while working on my computer into the drawer which is a part of my desk. Of course it’s kinda hard to find stuff from it, but it doesn’t take longer than a few seconds anyways.

  2. I am embarrassed to say that I have a junk room and junk drawers in every room of my house. I know that I need to get organized. Peaple like me never know where to start or how to start. I appreciate the great instructions on how to get better organized.

    • I have a junk room to! I call it my craft room but really its just a room where stuff I am too lazy to find a home for gets thrown into. I never know where to start either. There are times when I just want to throw it all away and start over. How do we accumulate so much stuff?

      • I hate to admit it, but we sometimes have junk rooms as well! With the military you are often moving (once every year to three) and sometimes by the time your get your household just the way you like it, it is time to pack up again! It kinda sucks at times.

    • Haha! I have a junk room and a lot of other places to put junk. I really want to get organized! It’s doing it that is the hard part!

  3. I totally can relate to it! Sometimes I find myself very disorganized that I misplaced essential things. What I did was to buy storage boxes and label each of them. Only that time, I was able to realize the things that I can sell or donate, keep or toss. Did it all at once during my free day, did not procrastinate and didn’t give up! I am very happy with the result.

    • We keep a lot of storage boxes with labels as well; however I’ve gotten better at forcing myself to go through these and donate anything to Goodwill that we haven’t used for the last year, have no immediate plans of using, and is not a very important (emphasis on important) keepsake.

  4. I relate more to this than I’d like to admit. It’s amazing how easily my drawers become filled with junk and clutter. I always end up putting more and more stuff on them and when I realize it’s full to the brink with disorganized junk. This is nice guide for people like me. Once in a while I’ll have to do this.

  5. This is an interesting article, it’s like you read my mind. I have been meaning to clear out my junk drawer(s) for ages. I think you may have just given me the kick I needed. I am terrible with post, I have unopened letters from months ago *sigh*

  6. Haha, exactly what I need. I’m not a hoarder, mind you, but I can’t seem to get rid of my college and postgraduate papers. The idea of throwing them away to clean the clutter in my room makes me feel sad. My room’s filled with bits and pieces of random stuff aside from reams of scratch papers. Where to start, I wonder…

  7. I don’t have a junk drawer in my house, it’s more like a junk bin. I can never seem to get it cleaned out and it just gets more and more added to it. This guide is good for me and I’ll have to try and follow it – at least I will try. It’s nice to know that not everyone is organized all the time.

    • I don’t have just one junk drawer I have a closet and 2 mini storage’s full and numerous tubs throughout my house, I think I need to start small with the junk drawer and work my way up. I could probably actually make some money off some of the stuff that I have laying around that I’m not going to use.

      • I have several junk bins all throughout my house. I just can never seem to get them cleaned out. I agree that starting small is the way to go. I need to go through and just do a “trash, donate, or sell” round for my house. Maybe I can make some money off of my “junk”, and at least it won’t be in my house anymore.

  8. It’s ridiculous how true this is! I have a junk drawer that’s in my kitchen that I honestly have not a clue what it’s filled with, However, every time I open it to try and get something out, it takes me about 10 minutes to stuff everything back in there to close it. How horrible is that?! This read gave me some inspiration to go and clean out that drawer, but then again I might just wait to do it tomorrow…

  9. I don’t have a junk drawer, basket or house but a junk books…where i scribble here, write there, note-something-down here, so this article sort of does relate my weakness in some way/sort…luckily, that is what am trying to clean out and discard if not required…whilst my late mom was the complete opposite of me, i had to literally clean after…junk table tops, drawers, wardrobes, cabinets…i guess it comes with the treasure of hoarding…an element i lack 🙂

  10. Good tips. I despise messy drawers full of junk. It’s just such a big disorganization to me and is not the type of environment I wish be live in at all. I want to be able to find things in a neat order when I want them. The most common sense act you can make though, is to simply get rid of the junk you no longer need.

    • Completely agree with you on that TPhoenix 100%…i have a friend who likes hoarding like nearly everything and yes the state of her room is a complete ‘eyesore’…no am not keen on trashing her here, was just stating a fact, come time to cleaning the room, it takes ages to look spic and span…but she’s pretty alright with the situation…such a mess can get the neat-freak in me in stress-mode 😉

  11. My frustration is from other people in my house who don’t put things in their designated place so I know that if I sort the junk drawer, it will a) only be the tip of the mess iceberg! and b) it won’t stay sorted for long.

    But I do like the idea of spreading lots of things out, sorting them into piles and then dealing with each pile. I admit I did a similar thing to my desk a while ago but the sorted piles are back on my desk waiting for me to file/scan (but at least more paper went into the recycling than stayed!)

    having read this, I feel obliged to tidy something soon so thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  12. I have to join all those that have multiple junk drawers as I have several through out my home. My husband and I are actually in the middle of a remodel which I hope will leave us organized and clutter / junk free! (for a while)

  13. My mother always emphasized that EVERYTHING needs its own spot and if you don’t have a place for it to go, then you don’t need it lol! I never listened until I got married. Now I can’t stand my husband’s junk drawer and I find myself repeating the words of my mother. I will take step one and pour out all his items on his favorite chair. That should give him a boost. He will be livid at first but my plan is to help him. He’ll love me again later!

    • I’d possibly err on the side of caution when doing that. It probably won’t change his habits and I’d hate for my article to be the partial cause of matrimonial discord.

  14. This whole article was great. My favorite tip was: “3. Get rid of the items that are actual JUNK!”. I don’t know what is with people but it seems like a lot of people can’t figure that out. I have gotten angry at my boyfriend so many times for keeping stuff he did not even need anymore. All I could think was why? Why crowd this drawer up. I have my stuff organized as best as I can, it all has a place to go.

  15. This makes absolute sense! Franky, I have more than one of these junk drawers in my home, and I’m always meaning to sort through it and find out exactly what I have in there. My husband is a little bit of a hoarder, so I do have to keep an eye on the general build up of bits of junk here and there. For the most part though, his obsession with keeping something “just in case” has decreased over the years. Thankfully!

    I love your philosophy on not keeping things that you have no need for within a 3 month benchmark – this is a great starting point for what you can get rid of outright.

    Great article!

  16. I actually laughed at the first paragraph of this article because it seems like that’s happening to me all the time. In fact, at this point, I don’t have just one junk drawer, but two.

    I like this process, it’s very clear. I especially like the idea of putting it all in a place you con’t ignore it- I think that’s the key. I think I personally would winnow out the items that were actual junk and throw them out first before sorting by room, but that’s just personal preference. This is great advice. I’ll have to add this to my list of afternoon projects.

  17. I have an ongoing battle organizing junk and paperwork. I currently have a paper drawer although it is just randomly filed and I need to go through out and digitize a lot of stuff. I found that keeping an electronic copy (backed up in multiple places of documents is easier and better to store than physical documents. Then if you need a physical copy you can always print one out!

    • Kitty, I’d suggest using an online service such as Dropbox to make copies of your electronic files. You never know what is going to happen; this would protect them against burglary and fire.

  18. Yes, the dreaded junk cupboard! I wouldn’t know where to start with it. In fact, I think if I took something out of it, the entire lot would fall out! There will be stuff in there that I haven’t seen for years so surely, I can do without it? Maybe I should just weed out the important paperwork and dump the rest!

  19. I live with my in-laws and like stardisgate, we also have junk room. Except, we call it a den. The room drives me absolutely mad! Whenever we have company over, especially during the holidays, everything ends up in there. I can never find anything because everything that they consider clutter goes straight into the den. My music books for example. I’m a self-employed music teacher and my primary instruments are piano and voice, so I always leave my books on the piano stand. But to them, putting my books on piano stand is considered clutter so off to the den they go, along with everything else.

  20. We have one designated junk drawer, but then other drawers end up getting junk in them too if the junk drawer is too full. One thing that has helped is to have a silverware tray in the junk drawer. It helps keep our scissors together in one slot, screwdrivers in another, etc. I used to have a junk bag that was on my desk, just a little shoe sized tote filled with stuff I just didn’t know what to do with. I finally did what the author suggested one day and laid everything out on the living room floor and sorted it out. I ended up with only a few “junk” items. The rest really did have a place or could be tossed, so then I was able to clean out the bag and put it away! Now I have room on my desk for my betta fish=)

  21. Wow, I used to have several junk drawers around the house and the office. This article really brings back the memories of those days. I didn’t mind until by random chance I saw an episode of one of those reality tv shows called Hoarders. At first I laughed at how these people lived, and then I got to thinking that maybe me and those people–we’re not that different.

    The most important advice that you’ve touched on is to throw away the things that you absolutely don’t need or won’t use anymore. If you don’t get attached to your junk and just think objectively in this way you’ll clear you clutter in no time and get a few extra drawer spaces as a bonus.

  22. This is good advice for any organizing project, really, although the junk drawer does seem to get ignored more easily and more often than other areas of the home. My junk drawer is actually pretty tidy at the moment. I’ve put in some dividers, which has made a big difference. I still have to go through it from time to time, especially after a few times of doing that grab and dump thing, but it’s easier to manage it now.

  23. I love organizing everything in my life. It’s a shame my partner feels he’s more creative therefore more prone to disorganization. Drives me insane. Thanks for a few tips that I can maybe convince him he should partake in lest I lord hoarding over him.

  24. Ah, the famous junk drawer. I wish my husband and myself have a better habit of cleaning out our junk drawer, but you know how it goes (procrastination much?). I totally agree with you that if you put the contents of a junk drawer on a place that will get in your way, then definitely you’ll get annoyed enough to clean it up, right?

    Here’s to a cleaner and a neater rest of 2015!

  25. I remember growing up that my mother had a junk drawer in the kitchen. I want to say that I learned from her but I have a junk drawer that’s not really holding anything of day-to-day value. It’s just a drawer with things that carry history or emotional value. Making it tons more difficult to sort through =(

  26. I need to do this for sure. I have 3 junk drawers that haven’t been cleaned out in more years than I am willing to admit to!! There’s so much junk that I’m actually kind of dreading it, but it will be SOOO worth it when I’m done

  27. I have lots of junk drawers, I think it is just much easier to shove it into a hole and forget about it rather than sorting it and putting it away properly.

    Perhaps I should use some of these tips and get a little organized. It does make me laugh how most of the things you find in these cubby holes have not been used for months if not years and will never be used again, but we keep them anyway!

  28. Just reporting back, three months after trying these methods. I’m pleased to report that the junk drawer is still relatively junk free! It seems like Lynne’s organizational tips have worked a treat! Thanks very much!

  29. I like to think I’m pretty minimalist, but I do still have a junk drawer. It’s mostly under control, because I use many of the tips stated in this article. Problem is, this encourages me to stuff more junk into the drawer if there doesn’t seem to be a place for it, or if I need a quick place to stash something. It’s not quite never-ending cycle level, but regular maintenance is definitely needed. So I appreciate having these guidelines laid out all in one place.

  30. I think this article was the kick in the pants I needed; especially considering I’ve been putting off sorting my stuff for weeks. If only my cleaning skills were as good as my procrastination skills!

    I’m going to start off with putting everything in the correct room, for starters, (I have scrunchies and hair clips strewn around the house) and then go from there. I think when I finally get the heaps of small stuff back in their proper place, the bigger tools and things won’t be as difficult to organize.

    And I’ll definitely be using the tip about organizing within the junk drawer. Too often, I find myself pushing against the handle with my back to get it closed!

    • SomnolisticSommelier, I feel the same way! I have a bunch of small items, such as rubber bands and individually wrapped toothpicks… Some items that are totally unnecessary, but I always think I just MIGHT need it someday! Next year maybe! If it’s been in the drawer longer than you can remember where it came from, I think it’s safe to say it’s trash… Now the larger items, I can find a spot to place them. It’s just the small pieces that bug me too much to want to focus on it.

      Good luck with your junk! 🙂

  31. I’m ashamed to admit that I too have a drawer that I just dump stuff in without a care in the world. I try to keep it organized, but with my busy schedule (and bouts of laziness), I just tend to put it off. I tried to fix it by leaving sticky notes on the drawer to remind myself to clean through it at the end of every month and for the short time I’ve been using this method (about three months), it has done well for me. Sometimes I’m amazed at what I find when I do clean out like drawer since it’s stuff I thought I lost, or even money I didn’t think I had!

  32. Perhaps it’s because of my daughter’s love for arts and crafts, but I can’t help but spot her junk papers, art materials and whatnot scattered about the living room. This was almost always the main cause of our house’s ‘disarrayed look’ and seeing as she is only 5, teaching and repeatedly telling her to stuff them into a shoe box (which I even took the trouble to designate for her) was very ineffective.

    And so a technique I like to do for this problem is to gather all her recyclable crafts, and in my free time, make another craft from them (usually ornaments and whatnot for the house). It really does lessen the junk in the drawer. giving space that I don’t have to cram everything in there forcibly. Plus, it’s very much interesting to make the many different crafts out of the recyclables (she might have inherited her love for art from me, who knows) and it’s very educational.

  33. I Had a house full of junk drawers, mainly due to moving from place to place as a child with my family, being in the military. When I got out on my own I began keeping just about everything because we always had to leave something behind, somewhere. By the time I had children, they had clothes and toys I had bought in preparation soon after my wedding. Thank goodness they came along within the first three years of my marriage. Everyone thought I was crazy. It took me twenty-some years to realize that I didn’t have to hold on so tightly to things anymore. Now my children are grown, I have minimalized my belongings and only hold on to a few junk drawers. I made it easier by moving into a smaller place where it would be harder to hide things I don’t need. Now I just have to work more on letting go of paperwork. It seems that I can’t seem to let go of that. Any suggestions? I have filing cabinets galore!

  34. haha! The first paragraph does remind me of ME! Junk drawers are the best places for dumping stuff. Unfortunately, it isn’t such a lovely sight either. I particularly like the tip on getting rid of items that are actual junk. This alone will free up more space and keep the drawer organized.

    I would recommend a one-minute check on the drawer at least once a day. Just see if there are items that needs to be thrown away. Doing this daily makes cleaning up more manageable.

  35. Oh such good advice and oh so hard to follow. I live in a houshold full of creatives and sadly creativity rarely extends to being creative about tidying up afterwards! It’s very comforting to know I’m not alone in all this though. There are a many things that echo very loudly with me from the comments above!

  36. These are all such great tips. I know for me, when I clean it always looks even messier than when I first started! For me, everything has to have a place to be able to have it be organized, I have to be able to look at each item and say to myself, “Is there a place that item can call home?” Because if it forever will just be left on my counter top, most likely I will lose it at some point. I like the idea also of getting rid of the actual junk. If I haven’t touched it in 6 months, chances are I will never need it again.

  37. I’d like to know how you saw the inside of my junk drawer? LOL I not only have one, but several drawers that seem to catch everything! I like the idea of dumping it all in a central location where you have no choice but to sort it out. I’m going to do that with all of mine, but one at a time. If I try to do them all at once, I’ll get overwhelmed, and run screaming down the block! I think some small organizers would help as well, for the stuff that just HAS to stay in the drawers

  38. I was recently visiting someone, and when we were getting ready to eat, she asked me to grab some serving spoons. I went to one drawer after another. She laughed, told me where to find them, and then said that somehow every drawer had become the junk drawer. She has so much stuff. Ha ha. I should totally send her this page. We’re close enough that she’ll take it in the spirit it is intended…

  39. This is a great reminder. I have two junk drawers, one being work related stuff because I don’t have space for a desk and work from home, and the other being your typical junk drawer. I clean them out once a month, but I feel like even just a day or two after doing so it’s a disaster again. It’s remarkable how quickly we accumulate stuff that we don’t need, but feel the need to hold on to just in case.

  40. Good ideas. I definitely need to get more drawer dividers. I try to organize but I’m not very motivated to take the time to really do it right. So things are sort of halfway put away and organized around here. I get the concept, now I just need to force myself to do it all the way through to the end.

  41. Very good ideas. A few commenters shared that they have a junk room, not a junk drawer. Well, I must say, I have a couple of junk closets myself, however, I’m proud to admit that I’ve actually taken sometime out and finally got a handle on one of them. I took everything out of that closet and had a huge mess in my living room. My husband was a little annoyed, but when I finally got the closet organized, he appreciated all the hard work I put into organizing that junk closet. Now, I’ve got to get my mind right to tackle the other closets.

  42. As someone who tends to clutter up any area that’s mostly out of sight, this article really speaks to me 😉 Especially the part about leaving a chore with the intention of getting back to it later…whenever I do that it just seems like ‘later’ never comes, and then I end up with multiple small messes spread through everyone room of the house instead of one big mess.

    My junk drawer mostly accumulates extra napkins, straws, and plastic forks from takeout meals, but I just know that there are a couple useful things buried way at the bottom that I’ve forgotten even exist. Maybe it’s finally time to go excavating! 😛

  43. My husband and I are the worst for this. We always have that one junk drawer where almost anything and everything go in it. I have to make this a priority this week to take your advice from this article and organize it! Following this article will definitely make it easier and a speedier process, thank you!

  44. I am terrible for this. I have come to the conclusion that it’s not that I have too much stuff, I just have too little storage! I am not one for hoarding anything and I do use everything I have, I could just do with three more kitchen drawers. Sadly, as I rent a property, a kitchen remodel is not on the cards so I need to figure something else out; probably some kind of free-standing drawers/sideboard. Then I can organise everything better – hopefully!

  45. To tell you the truth I absolutely love my junk drawer. It is the perfect black sheep in the family.
    Everything that lost must be there, and you can say bad things to it, it doesn’t care.

    Of course every once in a while I clean it too, but after that try really hard to make mess of it again 🙂

  46. Getting rid of actual junk is hard for me and I’m not talking about empty wrappers and stuff like that… I’m talking about actual junk; paper I no longer need, letters etc. When I’m cleaning it up, I constantly have dilemmas with myself. “Wait, what if I’m going to need this letter in the future?” & “What if this can be useful to me?”. I sometimes end up throwing them away but I sometimes hold on to them and throw them away the next time I clean up, haha.

    Will definitely be dividing the drawer into sections after cleaning it up though, it’ll be much easier to get to my things.

    • True, true. The stuffs I have from my previous school years are still with me because I keep thinking I might need them later. But that “later” never comes… I still keep them though XD

  47. I always have a junk drawer or rather, a catch-all drawer in my house, in fact, I must admit that right now, I actually have a catch-all cabinet in my dining room… Everything goes into that cabinet, and it’s quite irritating opening up a drawer in the cabinet and seeing all the junk in it. It ranges from tools to pictures to random things that was lying around the house. When I try to organize, I just get sidetracked and leave it until “next time”, but next time doesn’t come. So this is a good way of organizing. I will be following these steps to get it done, I’m sure that if I have a bunch of junk lying on the dining room table, I will get it organized faster!

  48. This is something that I can relate to! I’m a messy person by heart and I can’t help but to admit that I have a special drawer dedicated to put all the junk in it when I’m way too “busy” to clean. I’m also known for stuffing my walk-in closet with a bunch of random stuff – like extra mattresses and empty packages and it’s so hard to get to clean it up! I know my house would look a lot more organized if I’d just find a way to actually clean my house up, so I’m thankful for the tips! It’s always hard to start from the scratch.

  49. Oh wow, I have been needing this. We have two junk drawers (not counting the hidden ones in our room) and we have so much random stuff in there. Small tools, nail polishes, hair ties, drill bits, USB drives, nails, matches, you name it, it’s probably in those drawers. I plan on getting those cleaned out tomorrow evening. Wish me luck!

  50. “GET RID OF THE ITEMS THAT ARE ACTUAL JUNK!” -the hardest step of them all, lol. Seriously, I’m too sentimental and … I don’t know, idealist? (ex. “I could make bookmarks from this cardboard/box! I’ll keep it!” then I end up keeping all the boxes I encounter and not be able to make bookmarks (or anything else I could do with them) because I lack the time to T_T), to throw them away… Although I started throwing them away bit by bit, there’s still around 75% of the “junk” left in my stuffs…

  51. Wow! It’s amazing the way you explain it, you remind me of my sister. I will share this with her so she can get a little bit more organized, for real, she doesn’t really care about her room, it’s really messed up. Thank you for sharing this.

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