5 Helpful Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Hates to Cook

Horizontal image of wrapped present with a bow in a frying pan.

We all know someone who absolutely hates to cook, for one reason or another. If you are determined to finally put them in an apron, here are a few smart gift ideas that might convince them the kitchen really isn’t so bad after all. From cooking appliances to reading materials, read more now for our best suggestions.

Stovetop Squash Pudding

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Our homemade squash pudding is a creamy and comforting autumnal take on a classic dessert, made with pureed winter squash and a medley of warming spices. It’s easy to prepare on the stovetop, with the thickest and richest results when chilled. Top with freshly whipped cream for serving. Read more now for the recipe.

The 9 Best Potato Ricers For the Perfect Mashed Spuds

Horizontal image of cooked potatoes processed with a metal presser onto a plate.

Are you dreaming of the fluffiest mashed potatoes? Make sure you buy the right tool to get the job done perfectly when you prepare everyone’s favorite side dish. Potato ricers help to process your spuds into light-as-air pieces without excessive mashing. Review our top picks of the best potato ricers now.

Seasoned Olive Oil for Dipping Bread

Horizontal image of a shallow white bowl, resting on a tan towel, filled with flavored dip and a cube of sourdough resting in it.

Do you jump for joy every time a restaurant has a complimentary bread basket? Bring that same display of hospitality into your own home with our seasoned olive oil. Flavored with herbs, garlic, cheese, and vinegar, it’s the best accompaniment for dipping slices of crusty bread. Read more now for the easy recipe.

19 of the Best Beet Recipes

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted recipes, with a label in the center.

Do you believe life is better with beets? You’ll love our collection of recipes celebrating every part of this veggie, from roots to leaves. We love it all: soups, salads, wraps, patties, and more. Intensely earthy and sweet, there’s certainly a place for this bold ingredient in your cooking repertoire. Read more now.

Tips to Minimize Dish Cleaning During the Holidays

Horizontal image of a pile of dirty dishes and Christmas decorations in the sink.

The holiday dinner is over, and your guests leave the table with smiles on their faces, full and happy. But who’s going to deal with all the dirty dishes after everyone returns home? Discover our practical tips for minimizing the mountains of dinnerware and cookware during the holiday season. Read more now.

5 Great Alternatives to Turkey for Thanksgiving

Horizontal image of a collage of assorted main dishes, with a label in the center of the image.

Do you think roasting a Thanksgiving turkey is daunting? Are you hosting a more intimate celebration, and don’t need to serve a huge bird for a big crowd? Then skip it entirely. Instead, give one of these alternative entrees a try this holiday season. Read more for a list of fun ideas, from pork roast to vegan squash.

Hydrate with Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

Horizontal image of assorted beverages in glasses next to fruit, herbs, and white towels.

Infusing water is a tasty method to boost your daily hydration in a subtly flavorful way. It’s easy to do, simply by mixing together a medley of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs with water. Discover our favorite combinations now, and learn how to make your own version of this rejuvenating beverage.

Sani-Tuff T45 Rubber Cutting Boards: A Top Choice for Any Home Chef

Horizontal image of slicing into a raw piece of meat while wearing gloves in front of fresh herbs.

Searching for a durable and antimicrobial cutting board, one that will be able to handle constant use in the home kitchen? Choose among the range of size, shape, and thickness options in the Sani-Tuff T45 line of sturdy rubber cutting boards. Read more now for the full review, and learn what makes this brand unique.

Citrus Cucumber Infused Water

Horizontal image of glasses filled with ice, a clear liquid, and slices of fresh produce, with a thin rind as garnish.

Transform your home into a spa-like oasis with this homemade infused water. With every sip you take, feel at ease when you experience the refreshing flavors and aromas of fresh cucumber, orange, lemon, and lime. Robes and clay masks not required. Read more now for this easy and practically effortless recipe.

Simple Beet Salad with Fresh Herbs

Horizontal image of two white plates with a small pile of a fresh mixed vegetable recipe topped with fresh herbs.

Let the sweet richness and tender, buttery texture of cooked beets shine in this fresh and simple salad. After chilling roasted and peeled beets, we toss them together with herbaceous dill and parsley, red onion, and a quick vinaigrette made with mustard and champagne vinegar. Read more now for the recipe.

Stuffed Eggplant with Beef and Vegetables

Horizontal image of two eggplant halves on a plate with a meat and mixed veggie filling and breadcrumb topping, next to gray napkins and a bowl of tomato sauce.

Are you a little tired of eating eggplant parmesan? Learn a new way to cook your fresh aubergines with this homemade recipe for stuffed eggplant with succulent ground beef and assorted vegetables. We top the filled eggplant halves with breadcrumbs and cheese, and bake them to perfection in the oven. Read more now.