5 Tips to Host the Perfect Wintertime Gathering Between Holidays

Horizontal image of a group of friends celebrating Christmas together with drinks.

The holidays are here, and you know what that means: crazily rushing from event to event! To reduce stress and allow for a more flexible schedule, host informal wintertime gatherings between the holidays. Read more now to learn about our top five tips to throw a cool and casual party with no pressure.

5 Sweet Solutions to Soften Brown Sugar (Plus Bonus Storage Tips!)

Horizontal image of a large spoonful and a bowlful of brown sugar.

Many varieties of brown sugar are a flavorful addition to baking, breakfast foods, and even savory dishes, adding a light caramel taste that’s not found in white varieties. However, after opening, it can dry out into unusable lumps or bricks… but it can be saved. Here are five sweet solutions to soften brown sugar.

Why You May Feel Better on a Low FODMAP Diet

Horizontal image of assorted fresh and healthy food items surrounding a chalkboard.

People with digestive disorders like celiac, Crohn’s, and irritable bowel syndrome may find that eliminating FODMAPs helps alleviate digestive distress. The Low FODMAP Diet requires the elimination and reintroduction of foods rich in hard-to-digest short-chain carbohydrates. Read on to learn if it may be right for you.

Too Much Salt in the Stew: What to Do?

Horizontal image of a chef wearing an apron seasoning food in a pot.

It’s easy to slip with the salt shaker while cooking, but not so easy to remedy an oversalted dish. Read on for five handy tips to rescue a meal that’s saltier than you had intended. From diluting to complementing with mild foods and beverages, you may find one or more options to make your overseasoned dish palatable.

7 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Dinner

Horizontal image of a stressed out woman in a Christmas apron surrounded by Christmas food and decor.

Are you stressed out about the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner you’re hosting? Worried that everything won’t go according to plan? Foodal has advice from a food industry expert who has heard every holiday worry. Discover seven recommendations for surviving, and maybe even enjoying, the holiday season now.

19 of the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Hacks

Horizontal top-down image of a complete Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Hosting a successful turkey day meal takes a lot of energy and effort, plus organization and plenty of prep work. To ensure everything comes together at the right time in the right way, and with extra time for you to enjoy your guests and delicious meal, plan ahead and read 19 of the best thanksgiving dinner hacks.

Kids in the Kitchen: 7 Tips for Holiday Cooking with Children

Horizontal image of a mom helping her son and daughter decorating cookies together.

With patience, planning, and time, you can let the kids help you in the kitchen and enjoy it, too. Children love to help, and learning how to organize and prepare meals is an essential life skill. Read on for seven tips for including your kids in preparing holiday meals this year. Give each a job and let the fun begin.

9 Quick Tips to Stretch Thanksgiving Dinner

Horizontal image of a beautifully decorated fall feast, with family members holding hands.

You likely know the old axiom about the best-laid plans and how they’ll probably change. Keep that in mind, and don’t panic when your Thanksgiving guest list suddenly doubles. Instead, read on for nine creative ways to accommodate additional diners, stretch dishes underway, and augment the menu with delicious options.

Tips to Minimize Dish Cleaning During the Holidays

Horizontal image of a pile of dirty dishes and Christmas decorations in the sink.

The holiday dinner is over, and your guests leave the table with smiles on their faces, full and happy. But who’s going to deal with all the dirty dishes after everyone returns home? Discover our practical tips for minimizing the mountains of dinnerware and cookware during the holiday season. Read more now.

How to Host a Game Day Party

Horizontal image of an excited group of friends watching football at home while eating assorted food and drinking beer.

The season is winding down and your team is in the playoffs. And that’s an excellent excuse to get together with friends and family to cheer on your side while sharing tasty eats and a beverage or two. Win or lose, you can enjoy good food, good company, and good times with our easy tips on how to host a game day party.

7 Simple Ways to Cook Perfect Fish Every Time

Horizontal image of two whole fish on a cutting board surrounded by tomatoes, herbs, citrus, and assorted seasonings.

Are you always stumped on how to prepare and cook fish? Do you tend to avoid the seafood section of your grocery store? Ditch your typical pork loin or chicken breasts for dinner tonight, and learn seven different and simple ways to cook perfect fish every time. We share our advice and recipe suggestions now.