9 Types of Aromatic Mint for Garnishes and More

Horizontal image of two cocktails with fresh garnishes on a tray with limes and honey.

Mint is an aromatic herb used in various recipes, from jelly and roasted lamb to cocktails and ice cream. And while you are likely very familiar with peppermint candy canes and spearmint gum, more exciting flavors await your discovery. Read on to discover nine types of mint that are sure to make your taste buds tingle.

Cooking Tips for Beginners

Horizontal image of a confused man holding a chef's knife next to ingredients on a table.

Do you want to learn how to cook, but you’re anxious to start? Foodal offers the best advice for beginner-level home chefs. From equipping your kitchen with the most practical tools to carefully studying every recipe, we’ll steer you in the right direction so you can cook with confidence and know-how. Read more now.

How to Bake with Whole Grains at Home

Horizontal image of assorted breads on a wooden surface.

Baking with whole grains can be pretty difficult, and all too often the results are dense and dry. Learn how to incorporate healthier and more flavorful grains into your baking without sacrificing quality. With just a few easy adjustments, you can make tasty cookies, cakes, and breads. Read more now.

The Tale of the Lazy Cleaner: How to Clean Your Home the Easy Way

Horizontal image of a bored woman wearing yellow dish gloves on the floor of the living room.

Do you absolutely 100% despise doing chores? Would you rather loaf on your couch all day and ignore all the mess that surrounds you? Lazy cleaners, now is your time to rejoice. Discover the easiest ways to clean your house now. Learn how to reorganize your supplies, stick with a disciplined plan, and more.

Asparagus Season Has Arrived – How to Select, Prep, and Cook Fresh Spears

Horizontal image of a pile of fresh green vegetables on a white marble surface next to white towels.

Do you love cooking with asparagus? Can’t get enough of the crisp-tender stalks and delicate, feathery tips? From now on, take advantage of their very short spring growing season and learn how to select, prep, and cook fresh spears. Read more now to learn about asparagus basics, and discover our tips in the kitchen.

How to Approach Unfamiliar Recipes for Stress-Free Results

Horizontal image of a mom and daughter reading a cookbook while in the kitchen together.

Did you find a recipe you’ve never made before? If your excitement is matched with an equal amount of fear, don’t step into the kitchen unprepared. New recipes can pose a challenge even for experienced chefs, but our tips will help you achieve excellent results on the first try. Ready to take a fun risk? Read more now.

How to Organize Your “Junk” Drawer in 5 Steps

Horizontal image of a woman's hands neatly placing tools in a storage area.

Is your designated “junk” drawer so crammed with stuff that you can barely close it? Do you have absolutely no idea what’s inside? Before it gets any worse, make the first small move towards an organized house by cleaning and reorganizing it. With Foodal’s five easy steps, this process will be easy. Read more.

How to Organize Kitchen Chaos 15 Minutes at a Time

Horizontal image of multiple open drawers containing neatly arranged items, with a stovetop and prepped food on top.

A kitchen is vital to any home, serving as a food prep area, dining room, storage unit, meeting room, and so much more. In 15-minute increments, learn how to declutter the mess. Read more now for the best advice on how to organize your space in a short amount of time that’s practical for any busy schedule.

Organize Your Fridge and Freezer in 6 Easy Steps

Horizontal image of stacked food in clear containers and bags.

You’ve been avoiding it for months, but with our help, you can finally clean and reorganize your refrigerator and freezer. We will provide you with six essential steps to get these appliances in order. And you’ll learn how to keep them that way. Read more now for all our cleaning and organizing advice.

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt: What’s the Difference?

Horizontal image of multiple strawberry parfaits in glasses on a wooden cutting board on a white table.

Greek and regular yogurt share much in common, but do you know how they differ from each other? Whether you prefer to buy bulk containers or small, fruit-on-the-bottom cups, learn all about these two creamy dairy products, and gather recipe ideas for each ingredient. Read more now for all the tangy details.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

Horizontal image of a woman in an apron picking out supplies in a large green bucket next to sponges on a wooden table.

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means: plenty of thorough cleaning around the house. Are you not sure where to start with cleaning your kitchen? And do you want to make sure you’ll get everything, from top to bottom, inside and out? Foodal’s tips will help you get started. Read more now.