5 Ways to Add Apples to Your Cocktails

Horizontal image of three glasses filled with a juice on a wooden table.

For a fresh take on building beverages, Foodal has the scoop on how you can punch up your drinks by using apples in five different ways. These suggestions cover both cocktails and mocktails, so everyone will be able to enjoy a sip, whether a tart shrub or a mulled cider. Read more now for our tasty ideas.

7 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving (or Christmas) Dinner

Horizontal image of a stressed out woman in a Christmas apron surrounded by Christmas food and decor.

Are you stressed out about the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner you’re hosting? Worried that everything won’t go according to plan? Foodal has advice from a food industry expert who has heard every holiday worry. Discover seven recommendations for surviving, and maybe even enjoying, the holiday season now.

Build Healthy Work-from-Home Lunches with 5 Basic Ingredients

Horizontal image of a woman working on her laptop at the kitchen table eating a salad.

Working from home can be a grind, but looming deadlines, multiple responsibilities, and an unconventional schedule shouldn’t mean you can’t eat well. Empower yourself to build quick and healthy lunches while working from home all week long by always having five basic ingredients on hand. Read more now.

5 Perfect Cheese Pairings for Oktoberfest Beer

Horizontal image of people holding large glass steins over a decorated table with an assorted charcuterie board.

Excited for Oktoberfest? So are we! Foodal has all the info you need to choose the five best cheeses to complement your favorite full-bodied, malt-forward lagers available throughout this fall festival. Learn why cheese and beer make the perfect pair and explore the best accompaniments for your pairings. Read more.

How to Make Your Wedges Last: The Ultimate Guide to Storing Cheese

The ultimate guide to storing all of your cheeses | Foodal

Stocked up on fancy cheese and you want to make sure it stays tasty until the last bite? Not sure what the part of your fridge labeled “Cheese Drawer” is for? Never fear – Foodal has your comprehensive guide to wrapping and storing fine cheeses in your home refrigerator so they stay fresh until they’re gone!

Nimbu Pani: Your New Favorite Thirst Quencher

Yoki Pani: Serving Refreshing Beverages in West Philadelphia | Foodal.com

Want a cool, refreshing drink to keep you hydrated and refreshed all summer long? Look no further! Foodal has the story behind nimbu pani, a minty, sometimes spiced limeade from India, and the bicycle-powered vendor who sells this delicious, tart-sweet beverage to West Philly residents. Get the recipe and read more now!

How to Choose the Right Apple

Idared Apples Cover | Foodal.com

So many apple varieties, so little time! Confused about which apples are best for fresh eating, baking into pies, making into hard cider, and using for other recipes and applications? Foodal has the answers in our comprehensive list of grocery store standbys, farmers market favorites, heirlooms, and more!

From the Field: A Look at the Enticing Honeycrisp Apple

Farmer Norm Schultz with Honeycrisp Apple | Foodal.com

What’s the story behind the juicy Honeycrisp, fall’s most sought-after apple? Get all the answers here! Foodal checked in with a Pennsylvania fruit farmer to get the full story on why crunchy, delicious Honeycrisps are the most buzzed-about apple variety every autumn. Read more now.

7 Lessons I Learned Working with a Cheesemaker for a Week

Lessons Learned Working with a Cheesemaker | Foodal.com

Is spending a week with a cheesemonger on your bucket list? Writer Alex Jones takes us to Valley Milkhouse Creamery in Oley, Pennsylvania where she learns the ins and outs of artisanal cheese making, and offers tips on how you can apply some of the same techniques and habits in your own life, and your home kitchen. Read more on Foodal.

Make Dehydrator Kale Chips in 3 Tasty Flavors

Horizontal image of a white platter with a mound of kale chips.

Want a quick, easy, and healthy homemade snack that’s perfect for fall produce and back to school snacks? Foodal has you covered with these simple and tasty kale chip recipes in a variety of flavors. You can even use Swiss chard, broccoli leaves, and other hardy greens to make this crispy, craveable treat.