The Perfect Eggs Benedict with Magical Blender Hollandaise

Horizontal overhead image of homemade eggs Benedict on a plate with a folded cloth napkin and silverware, and a glass of juice and a bowl of fruit in the background, on a brown wood table.

There’s nothing better than the perfect eggs Benedict with magical blender hollandaise for breakfast or brunch. Slicing into that gooey center on top of Canadian bacon and toasted English muffins is pure heaven. Plus the sauce is so easy to make, you won’t believe it until you try it. Get the recipe now.

How to Deglaze a Pan in 7 Simple Steps

Deglaze a Pan in 7 Steps |

Deglazing is about using every bit of flavor left in the pan to add deliciousness to a dish. But what does it really involve? It’s not a secret that’s just for chefs! Click here and learn to make magic with just a few ingredients in your kitchen – and create sensational deglazed pan sauces with Foodal’s quick and simple techniques. We’ll teach you how to serve up a flavorful pan sauce in 3 minutes, from pan to table.

Dress your Dogs and Stack the Buns for a Fun-Filled Memorial Day

Dress your Dogs and Stack the Buns for a Fun-Filled Memorial Day |

Memorial Day is a holiday that elicits thoughts of beach BBQs, picnics, and fun-filled family gatherings. Let’s just take a moment to really give some thought to what Memorial Day is all about. It’s a day to reflect, thank, and celebrate our (American) heroes of war and military service, the men and women who, through personal sacrifice, …

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Paleo Baking Basics – What You Need to Know

Basics of Paleo Baking |

When following a caveman diet, a.k.a. Paleo which stands for Paleolithic, so many people think of Dino burgers the size of Manhattan, hunting for berries or perhaps if you’re lucky and tall enough to reach them, a fist full of nuts. There is a common misunderstanding that the diet does not include baking or that …

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