Creamy Amaranth Porridge for a Cozy Breakfast at Home (Gluten Free)

Horizontal image of breakfast bowls garnished with fresh mango chunks, coconut shreds, and chia seeds on a dark blue surface.

What’s your go-to breakfast? Maybe you’re a cereal person, or perhaps you love oatmeal. But have you ever tried amaranth? This pseudocereal has an earthy, nutty flavor, with a chewy texture that’s perfect for making creamy and delicious porridge. Get the recipe and learn all about the tasty health benefits now.

Gluten-Free Lemon and Herb Quinoa Tabbouleh

Overhead shot of two hands holding a large beige ceramic bowl of quinoa tabbouleh with tomatoes, green herbs, and yellow lemon wedges, on a white and gray speckled background.

In search of an easy, healthy recipe for dinner? Look no further than this delicious Gluten-Free Lemon & Herb Quinoa Tabbouleh. Loaded with real ingredients, plenty of herbs, and a burst of lemon, this dish will keep you happy and healthy! Gather those fresh ingredients and make this savory recipe for dinner tonight.