An Old-Fashioned Wedding Cake

A close up of an old fashioned wedding cake with a crushed pistachio topping | Fooda

An old fashioned wedding cake from the years before catering and high end cakes became the norm. From the time when they were made by an aunt or a grandmother for a family wedding. Whether you need a true wedding cake or just want to take a bite of nostalgia, this recipe is calling your name.

Omega Pancake House, Downers Grove, IL

A plate of pancakes and a bowl of whipped cream on a table with packets of butter, a muffin wrapper, and other breakfast items, at Omega Restaurant in Illinois.

Sometimes when you’re hungry, you don’t want fancy. You want good taste at a good price, with a lot of options, someplace where you can feel comfortable. And around here, that means you want Omega. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Omega has been in business for over 30 years—I grew up …

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Foodie Travels: Flat-Top Grill in Lombard, IL

Inside of Flat-Top Grill, Lombard, IL

FlatTop, if you’ve never heard of it, revolves around a concept that’s not especially new: essentially, it’s make-your-own stir fry, where you fill a bowl with your choice of veggies, sauces, meat and give it to the strong men around the grill, who fry it all up for you. It’s a lot like Mongolian Barbeque, if that’s more familiar, but with a few changes.

The Great Pumpkin Pie Failure

A slice of pumpkin and whole pie and fresh pumpkins in the background | Foodal

Cooking is not just therapeutic or delicious; it is learning. And no learning happens without a few mistakes, even if that means a bad recipe or two.

Foodie Travels: Oak Park Farmers Market

Located in the friendly, historic Village of Oak Park, this market is a community meeting place where you can listen to live bluegrass, take in the smell of homemade donuts and buy fresh produce straight from the farmer.

On Bedtime Snacks

Jam on toast with green apple slices | Foodal

Grandmothers and snacks. Let’s reminiscence about our childhood and remember the good times, good things, all connected to food. Journey back with Shanna now.

Foodie Travels: The Greek Islands in Chicago

One great place for souvlaki in Chicagoland is Greek Islands, an establishment that’s been called the Nation’s Most Popular Greek Restaurant and that has two locations, one in Greektown and one in Lombard. Read more now.