Choosing a Top Rated Stand Mixer for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Best Stand Mixer For Your Home |

Confused on what you should be looking for in Stand Mixer? Are you trying to understand terms such as “Planetary Action” and “Gear Driven?” If so give Foodal’s guide a quick read and find out which models best fit your needs and how to pick the best machine for your home.

We explore both hinge action and bowl lift examples and explore low cost models that are suitable for occasional use as well as delving into those products that best fit a serious bread baker. Some models are more suitable for a whipping a light batter while other machines are made for those who need a significant amount of power to blend stiff and dry bread, bagel, and pizza dough. Be sure to read this comprehensive guide before digging deeper into our many reviews.

The Cuisinart SM-55: Great Performance at a Low Price

Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer Review

The Cuisinart SM-55 will handle a fair amount of dough and won’t burn a hole in your wallet when purchasing it. One of the best bowl and splatter shield designs, along and a good dose of power as well as a low price make this model a top-rated contender worthy of your consideration. Read more…