Easy Indian Lamb Curry

A bowl of Indian Lamb Curried Stew next to a bowl of rice and a small plate with sliced red tomatoes | Foodal

Indian food is not as difficult as one may think it is to prepare, and the exotic flavors make this recipe a must try. Lamb, coconut milk, and herbs- delicious! You can even make your own curry powder to have on hand for other Indian or Indian-inspired dishes.

One-Pan Dinner: A Special Chicken and Shrimp Lo Mein

Enjoy a bowl of chicken and shrimp lo mein with assorted vegetables | Foodal.com

Making lo mein at home doesn’t have to be difficult, even with a small kitchen space. Make it as complicated or as simple as you like, with this recipe. We’ll teach you how to utilize fresh or frozen vegetables, as well as your favorite combination of chicken, beef, and shrimp. The marinade and sauce are homemade, too! Read more now on Foodal.com.

Authentic Spicy Creamy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Authentic Spicy Creamy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup - Foodal.com

The recipes vary and I have tried to use a common one here but with a little more chili added while cooking to make it a little spicier. At the local Mexican food fair in my neighborhood I purchased some homemade garlic and chili de árbol salsa in oil and the combination of the two were amazing and I use it with everything.

Cape Malay Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Cape Malay Chicken and Vegetable Curry - Foodal

Looking for something a little different for dinner? Try this curry recipe that was developed by the Malaysian immigrants in South Africa. Make it on the stove or throw it in the slow cooker – either way it is prepared It’s sure to wow.

Chile Relleno Casserole

Chile Relleno Casserole | Foodalcom

As promised, Foodal is back with another recipe that’s also really low in carbs! If you’re a fan of both chile rellenos and casserole, this one’s for you.

A Full Course Italian Meal

Beef braised in red wine | Foodal.com

Traditional Italian cooking consists of several courses including the antipasti, the first course, the second course and you can add dessert to finish off your meal. Let’s take a look at each part of the meal and some recipes you can try right at home. Like many other ethnic cuisines, Italian cooking features many staples …

Read moreA Full Course Italian Meal

Homemade Egg Rolls

homemade eggrolls | Foodal.com

You’ll Never Want Take-out Again! These egg rolls are not only delicious, but nutritious and inexpensive to make! All ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. You can save time the day of your party by doing step 1 and 2 the night before.