5 Perfect Cheese Pairings for German Beers

Beer and Cheese Pairing Cover| Foodal.com

Excited for Oktoberfest? So are we! Foodal has all the info you need to build a cheese board to celebrate the harvest season and complement your favorite full-bodied, malt-forward lagers. Learn why cheese and beer make the perfect pair and the best spreads, breads, and honeys to serve with your pairings.

Classic Southern German Bread Dumplings

Classic Southern German Bread Dumpling Recipe | Foodal.com

Use up day-old buns and bread in these famous Southern German dumplings, and enjoy a versatile side dish with any savory meal – at Oktoberfest, and beyond! This is a great way to add some Bavarian flair to your menu. Find the recipe here on Foodal.

German Christmas Markets: A Place to Enjoy and Indulge

German Christmas Markets: A Place to Enjoy and Indulge | Foodal.com

German Christmas markets are internationally known. Learn their story and enjoy the cozy atmosphere at home with sweet treats and winter drinks. Roasted almonds, mulled wine and more surprises are waiting for you. Read on and get into the festive feeling. Recipes included.

Potthucke: A Traditional German Potato Cake

Potthucke Recipe - A Traditional German Potato Cake | Foodal.com

Although the German potthucke started out as a poor person’s fare, it has become a popular dish for German restaurants, offering different variations and presenting it as an almost gourmet food. Read about this fine German fare now.

Meat Eaters Only: The 6 Most Famous German Sausage Varieties

Meat Eaters Only - The 6 Most Famous German Sausages | Foodal.com

Nuremberger, Mettwurst, Bratwurst…you may have heard the names, but got too confused about the differences in these sausage types. Get to know Germany’s best varieties, and explore the country’s mouth-watering specialties. The different consistencies and flavors cater to all tastes and occasions. Getting hungry? Read on now!

German Swabian Maultaschen Ravioli: An Undiscovered Delicacy

German Swabian Maultaschen Ravioli: An Undiscovered Delicacy | Foodal.com

Maultaschen, or “pockets,” are a German Swabian specialty largely unknown outside of their region. A bit like a ravioli with some Bavarian flair, these pockets can be fried, steamed, or boiled, then eaten with some simple fried onions – or, added to a soup to give it a little body.

Franz Buns: The German Answer to Cinnamon Buns

North German Franz Bun | Foodal.com

This North German specialty takes your basic cinnamon bun up a notch or two. Borrowed from the French during the Napoleonic wars and improved upon, the pressed areas of this treat allows the filling to caramelize at the surface and allows the pasty to become slightly crispy while still retaining that sticky goodness these types of sweet rolls are best known for.

The Almighty Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake Recipe | Foodal.com

The German Black Forest Cake – the ultimate blend of fruity cherries, a delicate chocolate sponge body as well as real cream that are just simply intended by the higher power to be combined into one very tasty dessert. Read about this fabulous gateau and find out how to make it right inF your own kitchen.

Make a Delicious German “Bowle” for Oktoberfest

Make a Delicious German “Bowle” for Octoberfest | Foodal.com

Do you love to serve homemade boozy punch at parties? Try a delicious German Bowle, for Oktoberfest or at any time of year, made with fresh seasonal fruit. From melon to cranberry, cherry cola to a spooky option for Halloween, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best recipes. Read more now.