The Best Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancake with Cream Cheese Drizzle |

Love the flair of a beautiful red velvet cake? Get the same gorgeously hued dessert as pancakes for breakfast, complete with a cream cheese glaze.

The Best Brownie Bites

Square image of chocolate brownie bites arranged on a white plate, on a robin's egg blue sponge painted background with scattered chocolate chips.

Bite-sized perfection, these brownies are great for picnics, lunches, or anytime you want (or need) a quick indulgence.

Chocolate-Cranberry Mole

Cranberry Cocoa Fermented Mole Spread |

Perfect for spreading on turkey sandwiches, this spread combines fresh cranberries, dried fruit, chili powder, and cocoa.

Chocolate Mint Mojito

Chocolate Mint Mojito Recipe |

If you’re a fan of chocolate and mint, then you’re sure to love this take on a classic mojito. Cocoa syrup and a chocolate mentha plant kick it up a notch.