The Best Homemade Caramel Candy

Caramels Recipe |

Amaze your friends with a spectacular homemade gift. These tasty caramel candies are sure to wow anyone lucky enough to receive them. Read more on Foodal!

Traditional East Frisian Tea

Keeping Up with Tradition: The German East Frisian Tea Ceremony |

The following instructions will introduce you to the ceremonial procedure for preparing the tea. You may boil some water in a kettle and leave it for two minutes before using, rather than allowing it to continue to boil. It is also important not to stir the tea after pouring in the cream.

There is a theory behind this: You should be able to experience the three different flavors the cup offers you. First, there is the strong black tea, after that the creamy middle part, and finally the sweet, sugary bottom that will indulge your senses. This is an important aspect of the procedure.