How to Pick, Prep, and Store Grapes

How to Pick Prep Store Grapes |

Do you know how to store grapes the right way? Foodal has some secrets to share. Discover the proper methods to ensure that this juicy, flavorful fruit stays fresh longer, plus tips for shopping and prep. No more soggy, soft, or spoiled grapes (and no more money wasted on an often expensive fruit, once you know how to extend its shelf life)! Read more here.

The 7 Best Ways to Use Grapeseed Oil in Your Cooking

How to Use Grapeseed Oil in Your Cooking |

Wondering how to use grapeseed oil? Foodal has compiled a list of the top 7 ways to employ this versatile cooking fat in your kitchen. Learn how this delicious oil is made and explore our favorite applications, from a quick sauté to a crispy deep fry. Intrigued? Read more now.