Enjoy Tropical Bliss with a Slice of Macadamia Nut Coconut Cake

Horizontal image of slices of dessert with glaze on plates surrounded by crushed nuts.

With a slice of macadamia nut coconut cake, you will sail away on a boat to pure tropical bliss. The made from scratch dessert is crazy good, finished with a quick passion fruit glaze. It’s a lovely, moist cake that delivers on every level. The flavorful crunch in each bite is pure decadence. Get the recipe now.

Escape to a Tropical Island with This Refreshing Lemonade

Three glass mason jars of tropical lemonade, with pink and white paper straws, a pineapple top and pieces arranged on the lip of each jar for garnish, and a whole lemon, on a light and dark blue patterned background.

It’s the ideal time to escape to the tropics, but if you can’t book that trip just yet, escape with a pitcher of the best tropical lemonade. A blend of pineapple, passion fruit, and coconut brings the flavors of the islands to your lips. Get the recipe now on Foodal and sip this drink on the patio all season long.