Individual Peach Cobbler: A Rustic Dessert for the Summer

Horizontal image of ramekins with fruit cobbler on a baking sheet next to a bowl of whipped cream, peaches, and spoons on an orange towel.

Craving a classic peach cobbler recipe for the summer months? Look no further than this rustic, individually portioned version, made with fresh fruit and served hot out of the oven. Enjoyed on its own or with whipped cream or ice cream, you’re going to love this sweet dessert. Get the recipe now on Foodal.

Peach Caprese Salad

Peach Caprese Salad. Close up the layered salad on a white patterned plate.

Oh, this delicious month of May! I hope I remember it always, these warm afternoons on the back deck, string lights overhead, green canopies reaching up from the tree limbs and almost to the rooftop of our brick house. Throughout our little 1960s neighborhood, on the hour, all day long, you can hear church bells …

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Peach, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Pizza with Kefir-Spelt Crust

The month of August has been a quiet one for us. Expected guests had to cancel at the last minute, plans changed and, while you’d think this would be the sort of thing to discourage us, in fact, it’s been the opposite. We’ve been dealing with the wide-open weekends of Tim’s homemade pancakes, afternoons spent …

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