How to Cook and Use Rhubarb in the Kitchen

Fresh purple stalks of rhubarb on a cutting board with some chunk cut out of them. A kitchen knife is to the right.

You know it’s spring when rhubarb shows up on shelf and table – and the talk (maybe even the aroma!) of pie is in the air. Wondering what else to do with this unique seasonal veggie – also considered a fruit – besides packing it in pies with some strawberries? Check out our suggestions, hints, and even health tips on Foodal, along with suggestions for choosing, storing and preserving the stalks to keep them at their freshest this spring and beyond.

19 Must-Try Sweet Potato Recipes

19 of the Best Sweet Potato Recipes | Foodal

So you’ve been told that you should eat more sweet potato as they are chalk full of vitamins and nutrients. But the only way that you’ve ever had them has been either in a pie or swimming in a sea of marshmallow goo. So how do you fix them? Read these 19 different recipes for some creative ideas!

Chill Out With a Rhubarb Mojito

Rhubarb Mojito Cover |

Could you imagine anything better than cooling down with the season’s finest foods and ingredients? A great example: rhubarb and mint, in an irresistible rhubarb mojito! Refreshing menthol melds expertly with those sour rhubarb notes, like the two were made for each other. Learn how to craft this cocktail match made in heaven, right here at Foodal.

Feelin’ Dandy? Forage and Cook Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens on Table |

It’s the much-feared yellow flower we all love to hate. While you might finding yourself watching dandelions eat up your yard and garden, don’t forget that you have a great counterattack handy: eating them up! Learn some basics on foraging, buying, storing, cooking, and even the health benefits of harvesting this wild weed green, all right here at Foodal.

Foraging Morels & Other Springtime Wild Mushrooms

Foraging Morels & Other Wild Mushrooms |

It’s morel season! Will you forage for morels or cook with them this spring? If you’re confident and ready to get a bit wild, you don’t need an expert – as long as you’re armed with good information. Learn all about foraging, identifying species, cooking, and even the health benefits of the mushroom, plus info on two more of our other favorite gourmet wild varieties. Read on to explore this great beginner’s guide from Foodal.