Cooking with Essential Oils: What You Need to Know

Cooking with Essential Oils |

Essential Oils or EO have been all the rage in aromatherapy for the past few year. But did you know that they have thousands of years of culinary use? Find out how to use these strong and wonderful ingredients to flavor your otherwise blah and boring food now.

How to Get a Good Sear in the Pan or On The Grill

How to Get a Good Sear in the Pan Or On The Grill |

Searing is something that probably does not get enough attention, considering how radically the process can change the flavor of the meat that you are eating. Searing is a rather simple step in cooking that really only adds just a few minutes on to your meal preparation, and can change your meals from “okay” to “Oh, …

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Get Grinding with the Peugeot Paris U’Select Salt and Pepper Mills

Peugeot Paris U’Select Salt and Peppermill Review|

Looking for that special pepper or salt grinder that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing? If so, the Peugeot Paris U’Select may be the best choice for your kitchen and dining room table. Beginning with the cherished, traditional wooden pepper grinder of 1874 and moving on to sleek styles of today, Peugeot has never compromised …

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