How to Make Paella De Marisco

How to make Seafood Paella |

Paella De Marisco is a classic saffron-infused Spanish dish that you can make right in your home. Sure, it takes a few special ingredients – but it’s worth sourcing these to have a taste of Spain without leaving your kitchen.

Vegetarian al Pastor Style Tacos (Carnivore Version Also Included)

Vegetarian al Pastor Style Tacos (Carnivore Version Also Included) |

The traditonal recipe for this time-honored Mexican dish was known as al pastor due to the marinated pork, which is usually grilled on a vertical rotisserie. The marinade is normally prepared with achiote, a variety of spices as well as ground red chilies. One day, when I went by this street vendor stand which offers these, I realized that they were using pineapple cooked together with the cheese and thought, wow, that seems tasty and sure enough it was. This is my take on their tacos. I love it and I am sure you will as well.

Non Alcoholic Cocktail – Mint, Lime and Ginger Splash

Mint, Lime and Ginger Splash - Non Alcoholic Cocktail |

There are various reasons to put a few non-alcoholic recipes in your recipe books. Sometimes it’s just too early in the day for a cocktail or sometimes you’re just not in the mood. Try this citrusy drink with a ginger snap if you’re in the mood for something a little different but refreshing.

The Amazing Caesar Salad

Traditional Caesar Salad |

Looking for a tradition Caesar salad recipe that sticks to the basics of the original? If so, check this one out. Lori dives into detail on how it’s made – and don’t forget the anchovies!

Authentic Spicy Creamy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Authentic Spicy Creamy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup -

The recipes vary and I have tried to use a common one here but with a little more chili added while cooking to make it a little spicier. At the local Mexican food fair in my neighborhood I purchased some homemade garlic and chili de árbol salsa in oil and the combination of the two were amazing and I use it with everything.

Introducing Your Children to the Art of Cooking

Teaching Your Children to Cook

Cooking together helps to produce a long-term positive attitude towards food, cooking, and eating as well as bringing the family closer together. This would definitely be one of those activities considered quality family time.