Halloween Fun For Kids with Food Allergies

Halloween Food Allergies Cover | Foodal.com

Do you want to make Halloween fun for your kids with food allergies? Then take the focus off food and put it on fun with creative ideas the whole family can enjoy. Put smiles on the faces of your little witches and goblins with activities to remember and treats to enjoy from your friends at Foodal.

Out of Oil? Bake Anyway with Creative Substitutions

Oil in Mixing Bowl | Foodal.com

Does this sound familiar? Company’s on the way, and you’re baking a quick batch of brownies. You’ve got everything in the bowl but the oil… which you suddenly realize you haven’t got. Don’t panic, get creative! Learn what to substitute for oil to make moist and delicious baked goods at home. Read more now on Foodal.

Too Much Salt in the Stew: What to Do?

Salt Shaker Closeup | Foodal.com

We’ve all done it. We’re preparing a recipe and everything is great, when all of a sudden we give it a massive dash of salt and think the whole dish is ruined. Is there a way to reverse the damage? Yes! Salvage your stews and restore your sauces with quick fixes from the experts at Foodal. Read how!