17 Signs That You May Be Zinc Deficient

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Zinc is a trace mineral crucial for a healthy immune system. With an insufficient quantity, you may experience various unpleasant symptoms ranging from digestive to behavioral. Read on to learn about zinc, discover a wealth of zinc-rich foods and recipes, and build this healthy nutrient into your daily dietary regimen.

Why You May Feel Better on a Low FODMAP Diet

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People with digestive disorders like celiac, Crohn’s, and irritable bowel syndrome may find that eliminating FODMAPs helps alleviate digestive distress. The Low FODMAP Diet requires the elimination and reintroduction of foods rich in hard-to-digest short-chain carbohydrates. Read on to learn if it may be right for you.

Too Much Salt in the Stew: What to Do?

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It’s easy to slip with the salt shaker while cooking, but not so easy to remedy an oversalted dish. Read on for five handy tips to rescue a meal that’s saltier than you had intended. From diluting to complementing with mild foods and beverages, you may find one or more options to make your overseasoned dish palatable.

Kids in the Kitchen: 7 Tips for Holiday Cooking with Children

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With patience, planning, and time, you can let the kids help you in the kitchen and enjoy it, too. Children love to help, and learning how to organize and prepare meals is an essential life skill. Read on for seven tips for including your kids in preparing holiday meals this year. Give each a job and let the fun begin.

9 Quick Tips to Stretch Thanksgiving Dinner

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You likely know the old axiom about the best-laid plans and how they’ll probably change. Keep that in mind, and don’t panic when your Thanksgiving guest list suddenly doubles. Instead, read on for nine creative ways to accommodate additional diners, stretch dishes underway, and augment the menu with delicious options.

Out of Oil? Bake Anyway with Creative Substitutes

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What do you do when you already have ingredients in the mixing bowl, reach for the oil, and find the bottle empty? You look for a substitution. Read on to find creative alternatives for cooking oil in baked goods. From fruits and vegetables to butter and shortening, you will likely have a perfect option on hand.

Jam, Jelly, or Preserves? A Quick Guide to 11 Different Styles of Fruit Spreads

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Preserving fruit is an age-old way to enjoy a bountiful harvest throughout the whole year. In addition to jam, jelly, marmalade, and preserves, there are other delicious options to make the most of a bumper crop, including chutney, coulis, and syrup. Read on to learn about various fruit spreads to eat with your family.

Beeturia: Why Do Beets Discolor Your Urine and Stool?

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Beeturia is a temporary condition some people experience after eating beets. It affects a small portion of the population and is likely related to underlying health conditions. The symptoms are pink to dark red urine or stool. Read on to learn about this potentially alarming but benign reaction to beet consumption now.

Halloween Fun For Kids with Food Allergies

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If your children have food allergies, Halloween can be challenging. Rather than skipping it, take charge. Plan memorable, fun, and food-safe activities the whole family can enjoy. Read on to learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project, and discover creative ways to make an inclusive and magical Halloween event.

Simple One-Pot Savory Beef Stew

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Warm your family and friends up with a hearty one-pot dinner on a colder evening. Our savory beef stew is the perfect meal. The rich broth is flavored with bay leaves, and includes tender pieces of chuck and vegetables like shallots, mushrooms, and potatoes. Keep the pot warm and ready for serving seconds. Read more.

7 Sweet Sensations to Make with a Cake that Didn’t Rise

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Baking is not always easy. Sometimes, when we bake a cake, it doesn’t rise, sinks in the middle, or breaks coming out of the pan. Provided it’s cooked all the way through, it’s possible to salvage an imperfect cake. Read on to discover seven solutions for turning a potential cake failure into a sweet dessert sensation.